5 Secrets Tips On Astrology To Start a Business

Small or big, starting a business is always a crucial decision in life. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, do you? 

If you believe in ancient knowledge, you might be informed about how astrological insight can take your business towards success. Here are things you should Know what Astrology says about starting your business. 

“If it’s not in your chart it’s not in your heart” – Maria Di Simone


Understanding about your birth (or natal) chart helps to know your natural talents and strengths that you were incarnated with. The application of this knowledge to your business gives specific entrepreneurial signatures that you are likely to succeed in.

Know which business

If the planets present in the 2nd, 7th, and 9th House is supportive of the other ascendant in the 10th house, the business you are planning is likely to succeed. A strong entrepreneurial signature in the 2nd house shows strong energy of making your own wealth.

Saturn is very crucial for you to be successful in business. It’s likely that your business Saturn be in 11th house, 3rd house, or 6th house as ruling planets. If the chart is not in your favor, you might want to give your strategic suggestion into business as an employee. You can name the business after your spouse/ children/ parent whose Saturn be in one of the three houses and you can make your contribution as a spouse. 

Opening dates

Know what Astrology says about starting your business

A right opening day to kick-start your new business can be a good idea. Astrology says that Wednesday and Saturday can be the best day as they have special significance for a long-lasting business. The days during which the sun changes the sign are considered inauspicious. 

While choosing the date, you might want to take account of the strength of the sun. From 14th April to 14th May, the sun is in the sidereal sign of Aries. You might want to avoid starting a new business from 14th January to 13th February and 18th October and 17th November. 

Running date

You can run your business in the period when the Moon shape is increasing. In such days, you get a better chance of longevity. Always remember that the Moon and its sign is the heart of the business and also rule the publicity. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn signifies for longevity (Taurus is more fruitful). 

Know your planet

Know what Astrology says about starting your business

You might wanna consider the current maha dasa and also the strength of ruling planets before starting your business. If not, you can run raja yoga Mahadasa or register your business in the name of your partner. 

What makes your business fail?

If the 11th house is occupied by the malefic planet, you are likely to fail in your business. Astrology says that having a strong 11th house is not so good for self-investment.

Final Say,

If you are a believer in ancient Vedic knowledge, it’s important to have some talk with an astrologer. You can get a business astrology reading based on your horoscope. Remember that along with a skilled team and base-line market, Vedic Astrology can also help with your business growth. 

Good luck with the business!!

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