Ajakorashifal: Promising Horoscopes of Jestha, 2078

The second month of the year is nearly here. The month and its attributes for the predicted horoscopes can help you make the month as the horoscope might indicate it to be. And it helps prevent the bad impacts with your understanding.

For this Horoscopes of Jestha, we analyze Surya, Sukra, Budha, and Mangal Planets. These planets and their positions point out the condition of the month for you according to your Rashi.

No matter what the Rashi prediction might be, you should be determined and have a belief in your Karma

Horoscopes of Jestha

Mesh Rashi

 “chu, che, cho, la, laa, li, loo, le, lo, a” (चु, चे, चो, ल, ला, लि, लू, ले, लो, अ )

A medium month is ahead of you.

Sukra’s position is very good this month. 

Your prestige and respect along with  position is going to increase. The position might be related to location or even property. 

You are going to have a fun expedition, a nice traveling break can be expected this month. 

An auspicious occasion is on the way, and you are going to play a huge role in that. 

Your love relationship is going to succeed. Might be that your one-sided crush is on the verge of being on both sides now. The same happiness is with your Marital relationship.

Mangal effect is also positioned very brightly. It helps for your pride and prestige. Addition of property is likely to happen. Your belief in yourself is going to increase, helping to be determined enough to achieve your goals.

You should be taking caution towards your use of words. And accidents are also seen as a likely thing.

Surya’s effect is not counted as a good influence. Your hard work is going to be a work of waste. It isn’t going to bring out the expected results. It even triggers your anger issues.

Budh’s effect is not seen as positive as well. You will have more enemies. Some impacts upon your prestige can also be expected.

Regardless, you will have a normal month.

Brish Rashi

“ba, va, u, ee, e, o, va, vee, vu, ve, vo” (बा, व, ई, ए,ओ, वा, वी, वु, वे, वो)

You will have a month of hardships, with most effect pointing towards obstacles and some balance of good ones.

Sukra is bringing you a very good and lasting effect. Your knowledge and education factor is very strong. If you are a businessman, it shows profits and better outcomes. Jewelry business is the highlight for this month.

You are going to receive huge help from females in your life. Your wife is going to be a huge support.

Surya’s effect is not deemed too good, impacting upon your health with joints and back pains. Even your anger is going to be unstable. 

Budh’s effect for you is a normal one. With support towards blessings and knowledge gain. But it is going to affect your mentality.

Your educational track is quite good, but your decisions are not going to be fruitful ones.

Mangal will impact upon your property. Some loss can be expected. Your voice will get harsher that might get you on the wrong side with people. Some issues over your stomach are to be expected.

Even with slow progression your works are going to get their results. 

Your family support is exceptionally strong.

Mithun Rashi

“ka, chha, gha, kaa, kee, ku, ke, ko, haa” (क, छ, घ, का, की, कु, के, को, हा)

The month is normal, even though the impacts might be hard on you.

Sukra’s effect this month is a happiness inflicting effect. Some fun travel that can create lasting memories is going to be the boost for you.

Surya’s impact on you will create hardships that can make your work just a waste of your efforts. Your credit will be bare minimum as compared to your hard work.

Budh’s effect will make you travel with some expectations, but it will not bring the expected result. So it’s best not to expect from your part. Be neutral and it will be smooth.

Mangal’s impact on you, some health issues might be on your way. 

You will have to face a diminished and pressured situation from the people above your position.

Your anger issues might have a hard impact on your work too. 

The hard work that you have done, though it might not show its positive results for now, will be a success later on. Your enemies will be powerless.

This month will be normal regardless of the negative impacts.

Karkat Rashi

“da, ha, hee, hu, ho, daa, dee, doo ,de ,do” (द, ह, ही, हु, हो, दा, दी, दू, दे, दो)

A medium month for you, with mostly good impacts.

Surya’s effect is profitably positive with an increase in what you initiate to do. Political aspects and property growth are to be expected.

Prestige will be increasing.

Sukra’s effect is going to bring happiness and help and support associated with females. Could be your wife, lover or anyone.

Money and property gain is seen.

It can be achieved with the help of a female in your life.

Budh’s impact is going to bring you respect. With completion of work and your thoughts about achieving it is going to be a success.

Your creativity is at the point. You can get into any work at the moment and get something out of it.

Mangal’s impact is not seen to be too good. With some health issues and economic issues, it also will bring a diss towards your prestige and position. Your plans might not work out. Some conditions over your stomach might bring some trouble, so try to prevent any unhealthy habits.

Singha Rashi

 “ma, ta, maa, mee, mo, me, taa, tee, too, de” (म, त, मा, मी, मो, ता, ती, तू, दे)

A healthy month is ahead of you. 

Surya’s position is seen to be perfect from a business perspective. Profit will be on the rise. 

The Sukra position is going to be an obstacle for the month. Your work and plan will be hitting some brakes.

Budh’s position is going to be a very fruitful one. With success in your thought out plans and your food reasoning with the people around you and its position is going to be a very smooth weapon for you.

Mangal impact is bringing respect and prestige for you. Property gain is good for you. You will be making a reasonable amount of work with your property. Investment will also prosper.

Overall the month is really good for you.

Kanya Rashi

“pa, tha, na, to, paa, pee, poo, sha, na, tha, pe, po” (प, ठ, न, तो, पा, पी, पू, श, न, ठ, पे, पो) 

It is a medium kind of month for you.

You will reach success with the guidance of your teacher or someone whom you look up to. Also with the help from your female partner.

Your educational journey will be very smooth. And some expense for rituals is also to be expected.

Journey for a social cause is to be very profitable.

Surya’s position is going to be a conflict for your relationship with your near ones. Distrust and discussion might be there. You might feel neglected at times.

Budh’s impact is negative as you’ll be losing your heart for the works that you do since it will just bring empty outputs. Simply demotivated for it.

Mangal’s position is medium and will show loss of property or values for you. A troublesome situation throughout your work. But you’ll be able to complete it with relief.

Tula Rashi

“ra, ta, raa, ree, roo, re, ro, taa, tee, too, te” (र, त, रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते) 

A mixed month for you.

Surya’s impact is not seen to be too good.

Harm from your wife and child. Dispute with your relatives. These situations will be a bother. And your health issues might arise.

Sukra’s position is somehow blessed. Rise of your respect. And help and support from your wife is going to be a good back force for you.

A short holiday trip and nice foodings and overall happiness that you will remember is to be expected.

Surrounded by troubles you will reach out for happiness. And they will not stop you.

Budh’s position is looking out towards your mental health and your educational factor. You will be alert and know the facts that will help you move forward.

Mangal is going to be a reason for some minor accidents. You might feel wounded. Loss in your business. And these factors will not decrease your income at all. Rather it will be increasing in unexpected ways.

Brishchik Rashi

“na, ya, to, naa, nee, noo, yaa, yee, yu” (न, या, तो, ना, नी, नू, या, यी, यु) 

Your month is Hectic. You’ll have to remain cautious, careful and determined.

The first thing is that you will be facing anger issues as a wildfire. So with that you will have to face various complications. To prevent that it is advised that you follow calming measures.

Sukra’s position is also the same. You’ll have family fights. And with some depression you might seek negative companionship. And there will be some economic loss. And with that you’ll suffer.

So it is advised to take things lightly for this month. Don’t lose your head.

Other aspects will be somehow neutral as you have your support from your brother’s. It will make you calmer. But when you do it wrong, your voice might lose its position. So it is better to take the step and decision with a careful analysis.

That should keep you happy and going.

Dhanu Rashi

“bha, dha, pha, dha, ye, yo, bhaa, bhee, bhoo, dhaa, dhaa, bhe” (भ, ध, फ, ढ, ये, यो, भा, भी, भो, धा, ढा, भे)

A medium and mixed month is ahead of you.

Surya is very bright. You’ll overcome your weaknesses. And looking towards the brighter side, you’ll have a strong determination.

Your enemies will be dead and gone. So you will have a happy time ahead.

Sukra’s position speaks differently. The enemies will be trying to get at you. So be silent about your plans and decisions.

Budh’s position is seen to be very good. Backing you up against all the negativity, your happiness will be strong and a profitable situation will be there.

Your relatives will be there to support you economically and mentally. So moving forward wouldn’t be a problem.

Mangal here will be a bit negative, trying to strike against your friends. Economically done deal might degrade your relationship.

The real advice for you is not to be lazy at all. It might take away your year too. So be very witty while making decisions. You will have a good decision maker around you. Look out for that.

Makar Rashi

“kha, ja, bho, jaa, jee, khee, khoo, gaa, gee” (ख, ज, भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, गा, गी)

A medium month for you.

Mangal’s position is blissed. Your enemies are going to be powerless. You are going to have a happy kind of time. 

Surya’s position can impact you negatively. A position above you is going to pressurize you. Trouble from the governmental level can be an issue. 

Sadness of mourning or sad news might be there from your relatives.

Budh is working on some negative impacts to your economic issue and withholds you for your educational aspects too.

Sukra is very good for you. With respect for you, to bring progress with what you do, you will find success in what you try to do. Your wife will be a huge support for you.

This month is a middle tone and good vibing month for you.

Kumbha Rashi

“ga, sa, sha, sh, gu, ge, go, saa, see, soo, se, daa” (ग, स, श, ष, गु, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, दा)

This month is extremely good for you.

Budh’s impact is giving out a lot of property and economic help for you. Your voice is going to be the force that can make many undone works complete.You should reach out with your thoughts.

Surya’s impact is not expected to be that of a good one. With rise in conflicts and health problems that can arise at unexpected moments.

Mangal’s position is also a bit weak. You will face problems due to lack of support from your children. With some expense related to health factors. Your money might not be of value if you have given it to someone.

Conflicting upon many things this month will be a bit hectic, you might have to face troubles from your children too.

You will be completing your thought out plans with success even with the obstacles that will present itself. 

Min Rashi

“da, cha, jha, tha, de, doo, tha, de, do, chee” (द, छ, झ, ठ, दे, दू, था, डे, दु, छे)  

A medium but blessed year is ahead of you.

Surya is very strongly placed that will bring happiness and altogether, raise your level above yourself.

You might add some property.

Buddha is not too strong. Will bring shortage of money at a crucial moment. You will be in conflict with relatives that will hamper your plans. 

Magal will make you a bit weak with your health.

Sukra is strong for you with help and support from friends and family. And adding new things at your home is a probable thing. 

A happy moment for you as you get the determination.