Aries (मेष राशि – Mesh Rashi) 2078

“chu, che, cho, la, laa, li, loo, le, lo, a” (चु, चे, चो, ल, ला, लि, लू, ले, लो, अ )

The year for Mesh Rashi is seen to be fairly well.

Brihaspati situated at 11th positioned Kumbha Rashi, shows the blessing of a sustainable Sampati Yog ( Property Place) like land or house, vehicle, etc.

Growthful progress to your development from your present level is seen. You might also receive a promotion in your job. Your prestige along with your income level is expected to increase. 

All the things that you expect to achieve, are at a high chance to be successful for this year.

You will be getting happiness from your child, whether daughter or son, they will be very reliable with strength and power.

If you are into politics and business, then it is expected to be a fruitful year.

Makar Rashi’s Shani at the 10th position is deemed to be of negative effect. Hurtful traits with elongation of your work period can be expected.

But, if placed strongly in your Kundali then it will back you up with an increase in prestige.

Rahu in 2nd position is going to bring negativity even with your good-intent voice. You could make enemies just for that reason. Property loss is seen to be high, so you should be very conscious of your steps. Otherwise, there might be, legal cases and hardships.

On the other side, Rahu staying in Sukra’s home is going to build your relationship with family and friends. A push towards your prosperity.

Just be cautious with your words.

Ketu at the 8th position shows the risk of accident and loss of property. Driving should be done very carefully with the prohibition of drinking. Investment rates are going to decline. Your good termed friend might not return the money you loaned. So think twice before being an investor.

Your prestige might come under attack in terms of your dignity. Think before you make any new connections.

From economic, social, and mental aspects, you will be having an unstable year ahead.

Overall, with these instabilities, you will have a normal year for 2078.