Taurus : Brish Rashi (वृष राशि) Baishakh 2078

“ba, va, u, ee, e, o, va, vee, vu, ve, vo” (बा, व, ई, ए,ओ, वा, वी, वु, वे, वो)

Sukra for this month is positioned in a very fruitful way. Your love relationship is very good and your time for marriage is also suitable for this month. So, your relationship might turn into a marriage. Traveling abroad for a short adventure or business-related work is to be expected for this month.
You might have an addition to your wardrobe collection of branding clothes.

Budh position shows useless travel that might not give any outcome to your hard work. Your effort is not going to bring the expected results. The second person will not accept your efforts. you could count it as a loss.

Mangal’s position is also not counted as a suitable one. You are going to face anger issues with pressure rise along with other health-related problems in your head, or eyes can also be expected.

You are going to be anxious with fear as you will have conflicts, seen with your brothers. Property assets related to work should be taken with caution. You can have some immediate health issues. Be very careful about your health and follow precautionary health habits.
That can be the positivity to have a good time this month.

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