Cancer : Karkat Rashi (कर्कट राशि) Baishakh 2078

“da, ha, hee, hu, ho, daa, dee, doo ,de ,do” (द, ह, ही, हु, हो, दा, दी, दू, दे, दो)

This month seems to be very beneficial for you.

Surya is making your time for this month very powerful. With a level rise of respect and position. If you are into politics then the time is quite right for you with the best Opportunities and social respect that comes along with it.
Your profit from Animal related business is seen to be beneficial. Expenses for Luxury products will be there, in a good way that is your good growth.

Sukra is showing some negative impacts with obstacles to your work ethic. Athletes, Tourism, and media persons are going to face some hardships due to this effect,
You will lose some respect due to women, so caution should be implemented with it.

Budh position is very good, which will bring you economic gain from various aspects. You will be driven to those profits unplanned and unknowingly. Your work is going to be a success that can take you through some achievements. Your words are the tool for that.

Mangal effect will bring rise to your economy. You will find your position to be respected. Gold and Copper are also seen to be very beneficial for you. Real estate is also a good profiting job that you will gain profit from.