Aquarius : Kumbha Rashi (कुम्भ राशि) Baishakh 2078

“ga, sa, sha, sh, gu, ge, go, saa, see, soo, se, daa” (ग, स, श, ष, गु, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, दा)

A medium month is ahead of you.

Surya is very prosperous for you. Your impression, for others, is going to be very lasting and positive. You are going to be very dedicated and hardworking. Happiness is to be with you. You will be reflected in every individual’s heart.

Sukra is also very strong for you. Your support from friends and family is also very strong. You are going to receive new clothes and new opportunities.

Budh is going to affect the rise of conflicts with your relatives. It will make you weaker with economic aspects. Be careful before doing anything. Rush impacts can only be harmful.

Mangal shows health impacts on your heart. And your family conflicts are also affected by this effect. Your satisfaction that you expect would not be met. Your schedule situation is going to keep you away from your home.

‘Batuk bhairav’ should be worshipped this month for the best fruition against the harmful impacts.