Pisces : Min Rashi (मीन राशि) Baishakh 2078

 “da, cha, jha, tha, de, doo, tha, de, do, chee” (द, छ, झ, ठ, दे, दू, था, डे, दु, छे) 

You have a medium month ahead.

Sukra has a very strong impact. You will receive a position, and gain it as yours. Property addition is also seen for the month. You’ll also receive a promotion through your position. Your income source is also going to be increasing.

You will meet the beautiful woman of your dreams. Your relationship is going to be very strong. Female support is also going to help you a lot.

Mangal effect is also very strong for you this month. Progress along every aspect is seen to be rising. Economically, mentally and socially you are deemed to be present respectfully.

The Surya effect is seen to be very weak for you. Your work is going to be a useless effort. You won’t receive anything back for your hard work.

Budh is also a bit weak, as your enemies are on the rise. You should be careful while you are making plans. You should be very calm during conflicts.
There are accident traits for you. You might even have to face a lot of loss and struggles.

But your determination supported by other effects will pull you through anything.