Gemini : Mithun Rashi (मिथुन राशि) Baishakh 2078

“ka, chha, gha, kaa, kee, ku, ke, ko, haa” (क, छ, घ, का, की, कु, के, को, हा)

This month is filled with overall good aspects though there are always some mixed things in some form.

Sukra for this month has given you an expedition that can get you a lot of freshness.It can be an unexpected form of a surprise that can make your month. Your happiness related to your relationship is very good, you might even get married to your lover. You will also receive helpful hands from females. The economic aspect, this month is to increase. You will receive it in quite unrelated form from your regular source.

Budh is also giving out the best for you this month. Your respect is deemed to increase with position power and promotion. Your happiness and satisfaction are going to be achieved this month.

Surya is placed on your positive side, which is going to help you add some properties. It will help you overcome your diseases and defects.

Mangal is showing some weak positioning. If you are a Manglik person, then overall all your relation from your partner to your siblings might be affected. This month shows risks of accidents and some health problems. Demotivating effects can also be foreseen for this month.
You should have control over your issues emotionally, and it will be a positive month for Baishakh.