Cancer : Karkat Rashi (कर्कट राशि) 2078

“da, ha, hee, hu, ho, daa, dee, doo ,de ,do” (द, ह, ही, हु, हो, दा, दी, दू, दे, दो)

Brihaspati this year will make you spend a lot of expenses for useless cause.

Your hardships are to rise. So, as your property loss is at high chance, you should be very careful while investing.

Shani at the 7th position with Makar Rashi will give you trouble from women, might be your wife or girlfriend. There is an unstable relationship ahead. Marriage can even end with divorce, and that too with a small cause. Practice patience and caution.

If possible, you should postpone your plans of travel. There are a lot of sufferings seen from it.

Rahu, at 11th position is beneficial but with consequences. You will be instilled with fear within you. ” Om Hrim Krim Chamunda Vichhai Namah!” Mantra should be chanted with worshipping Goddess Devi.

Ketu, at 5th position, also is going to harm your year. With property loss and harm through children, you will have to be anxious about a lot of things this year.

Conflict and relation problems with your loved ones and relatives will bring the same.

Your determination to do the best balance for your life and your plans is going to bring positivity for you. With mixed results and a strong position of your fortune, you will make it normal.