Capricorn : Makar Rashi (मकर राशि) 2078

“kha, ja, bho, jaa, jee, khee, khoo, gaa, gee” (ख, ज, भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, गा, गी)

A mixed type of year is ahead of you.

Brihaspati on the 2nd position shows a way of adding in your property assets. Family happiness will gradually increase, along with the support.

Your words impact is going to make your work easier. And your achievements are going to increase too.

Makar’s Shani with ‘Sade Sati Yog’ is going on for you. There might be the mourning of someone’s demise. And your health issues are to be expected.

Rahu will be affecting your economic status, but with Sukra’s effects you will be getting happiness from your children, they will be showing progress and support.

Ketu on 11th position with Mangal effect will bring an auspicious trait. Income generation is going to be strong, with unexpected methods. You have the capability to buy lands, houses, and sustainable property.

You will also be overcoming your diseases and other health problems.

Shani should be worshipped with the methods of it being powerful negatively. With measures of Mantras and Path it can be done with consultation with gurus.