Gemini : Mithun Rashi (मिथुन राशि) 2078

“ka, chha, gha, kaa, kee, ku, ke, ko, haa” (क, छ, घ, का, की, कु, के, को, हा)

A medium placed year for Mithun people.

Brihaspati, a blessed boon with “bhagyasthan”, is going to give a positive boost for you. Your every intended aspect is going to be achieved. 

Shani, a strong factor, shows harm towards your children, with health problems, and happiness from them.

Diseases, money related factors, and relation with friends is not too good.

Rahu, at the 12th position, with Sukra is going to deviate from the natural negative impacts of Rahu. The eternal hurt and troubles are to be neutralized and replaced with Sukra’s effects.

Economically benefitting, an expected journey, and increase in your expenses for religious karma and luxury associates.

Kerry at 6th position with Mangal has highlighted the Mangal effect.  Your happiness factor is high. And your power over the enemies is going to get stronger. Your victory over others is strongly expected.

You will get the strength to win over your diseases. Increase in your property and assets. Successful completion of your work, compared to the previous years this year is especially gifted.