Leo : Singh Rashi (सिंह राशि) 2078

“ma, ta, maa, mee, mo, me, taa, tee, too, de” (म, त, मा, मी, मो, ता, ती, तू, दे)

Brihaspati being very bright is going to make this year very good. Your journey for study or work is very successful. Your income is going to increase. The happiness of a child is also granted to you.

Shani in the 6th position shows your prosperity. Your plans will be a complete success. Auspicious is what your year looks to be. Your enemies will be weakened, and your power over them will make your victory a sure thing. You will have strong support from your maternal uncles.

Ketu, from the transit planets gives a bit of a suffering. It gives out Mangal effects. 

You might have to shift your home location. There’s a chance that you will be selling your house or land. You will have to transfer from your work location or lose your position.

Your health issues related to heart and anxiety will arise.

Problems with your relatives will impact your relation with them.

You should worship Lord Ganesh and Devi to neutralize the effects.