Libra : Tula Rashi (तुला राशि) 2078

“ra, ta, raa, ree, roo, re, ro, taa, tee, too, te” (र, त, रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते) 

A mixed type of year with some negativity and some positivity is on your side.

Brihaspati on the 5th position, is going to bring you into contact with humble people. A helpful proposition for you.

Your works are to be recognized, with a step towards the position of power. A lot of things are going to happen for you this year. An uplift to your level from thoughts, work, and even journey.

Help from unexpected person is going to bring an easy support for you.

Your pride is to set from the help of your children’s help.

Shani positioned at 4th space with Makar can bring positive balance with its natural negativity. Loss of property, a health issue with your wife. Useless conflicts and lack of support from your relatives are going to push you back. Do not be dependent on anyone.

Rahu at 8th position shows deadly sufferings with a hard situation throughout the year. Rahu with Sukra, is to bring economic prosperity, with a rising interest rate from the share market. And an unexpected field is going to bring success.

Ketu, in 2nd position, is going to minimize the impact of your voice. Your stubborn and rude tone of voice will be heard. Your hereditary property will be sold with loss. Some features of your head like eyes or teeth can face some problems. And accidents are to be expected. Use ‘Durghatanasak Yantra’ to prevent that.

Worship Lord Ganesh for the best of the prosperity balance with the negativity that you might have this year.