Pisces : Min Rashi (मीन राशि) 2078

“da, cha, jha, tha, de, doo, tha, de, do, chee” (द, छ, झ, ठ, दे, दू, था, डे, दु, छे)  

Brihaspati impact will bring rise in your expenses for Auspicious occasions.

Your fear and anxiety will also be increasing.

Shani is very positive for you at its Makar position. Happiness will be unlimited. With income level rise. Your work and expertise are going to be recognized.

Rahu in the 3rd position will be bringing happiness. Property gain and success on what you want. This year machinery items are going to be profitable for you.

Ketu at Bhagyasthan, is going to bring some negativity. Mangalwat ketu, is going to bring loss. Your positive actions will have to face some minor setbacks. The evenings are going to be weak time for you. Your feeling of incomplete will be a problem.

So for this year’s prosperity, you should worship Brihaspati, and offer respect to your guru. Bangalmukhi Goddess should be worshipped on Thursdays. Your determination to not lay back will help you through the year.