Sagittarius : Dhanu Rashi (धनु राशि) 2078

“bha, dha, pha, dha, ye, yo, bhaa, bhee, bhoo, dhaa, dhaa, bhe” (भ, ध, फ, ढ, ये, यो, भा, भी, भो, धा, ढा, भे) 

Same with Dhanu , you will have a mixed responsive year.

Brihaspati in the 3rd position, is going to bring a change in your home. You might be leaving the location. You might sell your property to shift to another location.

Your level of position might decrease, demotion from your job, with a  blame pointed at you.

Obstacles  in your field of work,,  can make you  lazy. Try motivating yourself with exercises, yoga and walks early in the morning. The health problems that are expected to arise  can also be prevented.

Shani, in the 2nd position, is going to bring loss of property and problems associated with your children. ‘Sade Sati’ is towards the end, with some positivity and some of the hardships. Some measures for the neutralizing effects can be taken from Astrologers.

Rahu at the 6th position, with Sukra, is going to bring both happiness and Sufferings. The positive impact is that you will overpower your enemies, and move forward with your life.

12th positioned Ketu is going to bring extreme loss and expense related to health. Trusting people blindly is also going to bring harm to you. Mangal effect is going to bring property loss and tensions. Worshipping Lord Ganesh and Devi will be beneficial for you.

Shani’s negative impact can be controlled with fasting on Saturdays. Remember ‘Shani Mahankal Mritunjaya Stotra’ that you can consult with Gurus for its completion. Pure Vegetarian food is recommended to lighten you from these impacts.