Scorpio : Brishchik Rashi (वृश्चिक राशि) 2078

“na, ya, to, naa, nee, noo, yaa, yee, yu” (न, या, तो, ना, नी, नू, या, यी, यु) 

Increase in your weak points, the mixed year of 2078 is going to be of ups and downs for you.

Brihaspati, will bring you troubles from your relatives. And sufferings are to be expected.

Accidents, if you are a vehicle user, seems imminent. So be careful while driving.

Shani, at the 3rd position is a blessing. You will be adding on your property from. House, land to vehicle. Your opportunity that you might have missed are coming back to you. Power is going to be on your hands. Goodwill be with you. And your works are going to be recognized.

Rahu, at the 7th position, will bring loss, and relation with your wife will be weak. Obstacles will be on your way. Your investment plans will go through loss. And your relation will degrade.

Ketu is going to impact your health, so careful realization is recommended. With Mangal, you might have to lose someone or something. Your blood related problems are going to create some health issues. And likewise anger induced from anxiety and pressure will create some problems.

Weak Ketu might overcome other transit planets’ positive aspects. So, ‘Saptasati Chandi Path’ is recommended for Devi worshipping. And Lord Ganesh should be worshipped to balance your year’s outcomes.