Taurus : Brish Rashi (वृष राशि) 2078

“ba, va, u, ee, e, o, va, vee, vu, ve, vo” (बा, व, ई, ए,ओ, वा, वी, वु, वे, वो)

In comparison to others, this year for you is going to be plain and simple. 

Time is on your side, to add a house or land to your name as your good state of happiness due to Brihaspati on your side. Though it also has part of negative impacts.

Loss of property and money with hardships with your residing place, trouble along the way might take an economic toll on you.

If you are living abroad, you might have to return back to your country.

The support from the near ones will be minimum. Your, self-respect stage, job position all are on the way to declining. You might also be marked with blame.

Happiness associated with your child is not a fruitful hope. There will be hurt and pain from that very thing.

Thais year, Shani is on your negative, affecting your thoughts and mentality, weakening it with work, society, mentality and political aspects of your life.

Caution is recommended.

Rahu, a natural negative impact though is placed with Sukra and giving a balance. 

Ketu, positioned in 7th place is a damaging Yog for you. Hurt and problems with your marriage can get severe. The middle part of the stomach is going to have a problem. The income rate is going to decline. And there will be trouble during your travel.

Health condition is not too good. And even your work progress will be slowed.

You should have a strong determination, as there are troubles to be expected throughout the year.

Your strength and self believe will help to keep it normal for the this year.