Vastu Tip: Rose Crystal for a Healthy Marital Life

Your marital problems can be associated with how you have placed your position. And according to Vastu, everything has its placement that gives out the best results If done in a proper way.

If the Vastu is impacting you in negative ways then your problems can be something just like these. You do not think the same way as your partner. There are quarrels and conflicts on a regular basis. Even small reasons for misunderstanding can take the form of a vital issue. You do not enjoy each other’s company and seek company outside and rarely stay at home. 

According to Vastu, your sleeping position and even your room’s position can be wrong. Agneya (South-East) corner placement of your bedroom can bring anger and anxiety upon themselves to keep you stressed, and it makes a root cause for conflict between you.

Master bedroom placement towards the Vayavya (North-West) corner, keeps you out of your home due to work and various other reasons. So, obviously enough you cannot give time at your home. And that surely brings distance in your relationship.

According to your Birth Kundali, the positioning of your marital life, and it’s strength, if it is weak then it will impact in a much harsher way.

There can be various sources to all these problems. An analysis of each individual trait can show different forms for these reasons.

But with the help of Vastu, you can treat all these problematic conditions. Here, we provide you with a measure as a tip for your healthy marital relationship.

rose crystal

The Vastu solution is Rose Crystal.

It is an element that has been processed for 21 days to attain its power as per Vastu. You can find it with any Astrologer\s contacts around you.

9 Rose crystals should be placed towards the North-East and South-West corner of your bedroom. It should be placed above the average height. Say, nearly close towards the ceiling.

This simple method can bring positivity around you and your partner. The Ambience created will keep your relationship healthy with understanding and support. It will create a completely smooth and strong relationship for your Marital life. And helps you prosper forward, not only maritally with your partner but it will push you forward positivity, also in a personal way.