Vastu Tip: Pyramid Crystal for Positive Focus and Concentration

Introducing Vastu

Vastu is associated with our life and impacts the doings accordingly. 

Nature and It’s position is always at a defined state. Making its sync in a valid reason, Vastu connects the dots to positive vibrations, if treated well.

Each position around a fixed location that you set as your place, whether it be your office or your home, will have the direction effects as according to Vastu.

Staying in an energetic position, fills you up with that boost of energy. And a weak position might affect your doings in that negative retrospect. 

The basic thing to understand about this is that, there are some rules associated with Vastu. And if it is matched accordingly, you can be benefitted to the fullest.

Vastu Tips for the Day

In today’s series, we are going to focus towards a student’s focus for knowledge and progress. 

The tip is about how you can increase your focus and interest towards your studies.

Vastu tips for students
A person studying in his workspace

In today’s Situation of COVID impacted-world, where most of the things have shifted online, to avoid social contacts, thereby controlling the spreading of the Virus. The education system has also taken an online form. The students are taking their classes from home through virtual resources.

Studying from home has its benefits and the shortcomings that come along with it.

Lack of concentration and focus is the most profound effect that can take place for any individual. For this Vastu has a highlighted response to bring its positive energy.

The students studying at home at this time might be facing problems to stay focused on their studies. To implement the method, a space dedicated solely for his/her studies should be prepared. The first thing is the selection of the room that the student is going to read in.

Vastu Tips For student
A light and bright study table

Listed Vastu Tips for Concentration Development

  • The northeast and East corner room is the most influential area for anyone who wants to keep focused on something. If this is not possible then you can even select The North or West direction room as an alternative. 
  • Staying in the designated room and Facing East on the study table is considered to be the best position.
  • The study table should be towards the middle east of the room.
  • The chair should not be fluffy and soft, but rather a simple wooden chair or just a bit of spongy would do.
  • Green, Yellow or light shade of furniture is to be preferred.
  • The room color is preferably to be Creamy, Golden, Yellow, or White for the ambience of study.
  • The scene in front of the study should be plain, as not to divert the thoughts towards any divergence. For example A picture or even the window.
  • A pictorial representation of Goddess Saraswati can be placed around the area.
  • Neatness should be practiced in the study room, the clean atmosphere boosts the condition of focus. 
  • A container of water should be placed towards the Northeast corner of the room.
  • A Booster or Crystal Pyramid can be placed in the room to ignite the Vastu energy of the room to help the students focus. 

Before We End This Session of Vastu Tips

With all these key points followed and set to practice, the focus is to be relaxed and follow with motivation to study and to understand. Remembering it all is not a way of gaining knowledge but rather just a way of storing the stated words. 

So, as a parent, it is equally important to understand that continuous use of stress for studying can drive towards irritation. So a minimal break for refreshment from the regular study is required to loosen up the mind.

Following these Vastu tips can help the student to have a constant focus and gradual growth in their studies. And your Study from home can be a very fruitful one.

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