Vastu Tip: A Water Fountain to Increase your Economic Growth

Vastu is an impact of position and logic that connects with every aspect of your life. Economic Growth can be gained from Vastu. You may not know it or might not feel it, but taking a step towards Vastu’s understanding, you certainly will feel its difference.

Taking the features of Vastu into consideration is very important, whether at your home or office.

Today’s Vastu tip is related to the economic growth and about how you can gain an income-generating source.

vastu for business and economy
Negative to Economic Growth
  • If you are facing troubles in maintaining a proper way of economic business.
  • You are just going through the losses with rather a nil profit. 
  • You try every day and still fail to gain that goal that you had set for your business.
  • The transaction is never met with and you get frustrated with each day’s count. 

The problem can be from various aspects related to you, your location or your Fortune. 

But easily enough, you can maintain a balance in between them all. 

North (Uttar) of your room or your house or even your office has the toilet, then your Economic growth will be withheld at what it is and decline against all odds.

Likewise, If the North-East (Ishan) direction is a bit edgy and cut off in an unstructured way, then your Economic growth can be complicated.

A helpful tip for helping you out in a profitable way to increase your economic gain.

A Water fountain Spout towards the North or North-East corner of your residing location.

An artificial and small structured fountain is easily available in the market.

If you cannot locate the fountain spout, the alternative way is to keep a water-filled pot or Kalash of Copper or Brass at that same location.

The water should be refilled each day, and decorated with a fresh flower on top of it.

This process will give a certain increase in your economic gain. The business will gradually increase in one way or another. 

The effect that this can have, is you will find that your money will remain stable and your expense will also decrease. 

So, Incoming-Increasing and Outgoing-Decreasing is a good concept for economy, Ain’t it?

We will be back again for the next tip that can help you in one thing or the other.