Virgo : Kanya Rashi (कन्या राशि) 2078

“pa, tha, na, to, paa, pee, poo, sha, na, tha, pe, po” (प, ठ, न, तो, पा, पी, पू, श, न, ठ, पे, पो) 

Mixed with positive and negative impacts your year is seen to be of hardships.

Brihaspati is going to give you pain from your friends. The lack of support and change of behavior, from your dear one that you believe and support in, will bring that pain.

It’s best not to share your plans and secrets.

Your health seems to be affected too.

Shani at the 5th position, wouldn’t harm a lot. Lack of money and harm from children is to be expected. Your mentality will harm you and your decisions. And that is going to give you stress.

Rahu with Sukra is going to affect you with loss and try to balance it out for you.

Ketu at the 3rd position will give you happiness and success. Promotion from your job and profit through your business is to be expected. Sustainable addition to your assets. Your karma and efforts will also be highlighted. Your determination to do better than yesterday’s is going to bring a lot of good positivity.

Worship Lord Shiva on the Mondays with Panchamrit Puja, it will make a balancing impact for the negative aspects of the year.