Ketu – A Planet of Mystery: The Story and How to Deal with Ketu

Ketu is the remaining body of Rahu from the neck down which means Ketu is a planet without the head. The day of Ketu is Tuesday. Ketu worships Lord Bhairav ( an avatar of Shiva). Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and Pisces. Ketu is debilitated in Virgo and Taurus. Ketu is friendly with Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. Sun, Moon, and Mars are Ketu’s sworn enemies. Ketu maintains a normal relationship with Jupiter. The favorable metal is silver and its gemstone is Leshuniya ( a.k.a. Cat’s eye).

Ketu is the planet for spiritual liberation and detachment from worldly materials. A well-positioned Ketu in one’s Kundali causes inclinations toward spirituality. It makes the person walk away from worldly relationships and luxuries and makes the person walk on the path of spirituality. People with a well-positioned Ketu in their Kundali have healing capacity. Talking to them when we are emotionally broken down makes us relaxed. They are also good at driving evil spirits away from a possessed person through exorcism.

The Story of Ketu

The story of Ketu is the same as the story of Rahu. Rahu is the head of Ketu. The beheading story of the demon while churning the ocean of milk (समुद्रमन्थन) is the same for both Rahu and Ketu.

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When the gods and Demons teamed up to churn the ocean of milk to obtain the Amrit ( the nectar of immortality), demons were tricked by the lord Vishnu into holding on to the head-end of the Vashuki naag. Vashuki naag was being used as a churning rope and the heads of the naag would breathe out venomous air that would cause intoxication. The agreement between the Devas and the Demons was that they would equally divide everything they had got into two parts.

As they began the churning of the ocean, many things and celestial beings came out. Finally, they all got what they were all eagerly waiting for: the Amrit. But, by that time, all the demons that were holding the head-end of the Naag (Snake) were intoxicated and had lost their consciousness except for one. Lord Vishnu took the Amrit to heaven without the demons seeing it. However, the one demon who was not churning had seen everything. He went to heaven impersonating a god to drink the Amrit that was being distributed only to the devas by the Mohini avatar of Vishnu. That demon went and sat down between the Sun and the Moon. When it was the demon’s turn to drink the Amrit, the Sun and the Moon look at their sides where the demon was sitting and they both recognized that it wasn’t a god. They both told on the demon and Lord Vishnu cut the demons head off with his Sudarshan Chakra.

With the demon’s head that had already tasted the Amrit and the Amrit had not flowed down to his body, his body died but the head survived. As he couldn’t be killed, gods made his body parts planets and named the head Rahu and the body Ketu.

Symptoms Of Ketu’s Dasha And Remedies

Ketu is also a malefic planet because it’s the rest of the body of a demon from its neck down. However, Ketu is not as evil as Rahu. Without a head, Ketu lacks the use of its brain to plan evil rues. Ketu only has its heart to think and it is considered that the heart only things about affection and kindness. To plan something evil or diplomatic, we need a brain. With the absence of the brain, Ketu is not considered as bad as Rahu. Still, a bad positioned Ketu can be hectic. Ketu’s Maha -Dasha rules for 7 years.

A person with an ill-positioned Ketu in the Kundali tends to be involved in dreadful activities in his/her life. It makes the person angry without good reasons. It can make the person befriend mean people. Ketu causes misuses of authorities. Ketu makes the personal quarrel with the parents and can result in the loss of siblings. An unfavorable Ketu can lead to surgical treatments and the person can be frequently possessed by evil spirits. Ketu also causes a hindrance in giving birth to a son.

A favorable Ketu in the Kundali makes the person a good healer. Such persons can possess a good knowledge of herbal and other medicines. Ketu is highly responsible for seeking spiritual liberation. Such people get detached from worldly materials and relationships. They show their interest in meditation and knowing about supernatural activities.


Only an experienced astrologer can tell you the position of Ketu in your Kundali. Ketu’s effects depend on the house it’s in. There are 12 houses in our Kundali and it gives different effects in different houses in conjunction with other planets. Therefore, before resorting to Ketu’s remedies, it’s always advised to have your Kundali seen by a good astrologer.

Here are some common remedies you can do to ward off the negative effects fo Ketu

  • Wearing a Cat’s Eye gem on the little finger
  • Fasting on Tuesday
  • Chanting Ketu’s Beej mantra 108 times
  • Wearing a 9 faced Rudraksha
  • Wearing a silver necklaces
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva and his Bhairav avatar
  • Doing Ketu Graha puja
  • Offering foods to dogs
  • Meditating
  • Keeping the roof of the house clean

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