19 Marriage Promises that last Forever

The young lovers dream to be that world of love. It’s painted for forever with their Undying Marriage Promises.

Marriage is not just a ceremony. Taking it as just a Sansarik ritual will be a mistake. 

It is the highlight as the most important one of the 16 Sanskars. To have a soulmate and a connecting relationship with that partner is what makes a Marriage Sanskar such a special deal, not just for Hindus but just about everyone.

On the stage, witnessed by the world.
I proclaim that you are mine.

Marriage promises by Bride and Groom

Marriage Promises For the Bride and Groom

During the ritual of the Marriage Ceremony, both the Bride and the Groom say their vows to each other. It’s certainly not conditional marriage promises, but showing respect and love to each other is practiced through it.

For this lifetime relation, both the Bride and the Groom need to be equally participating as the two sides of a coin to make it complete. They say their special vows in the presence of the Agni, the Fire God, and everyone present for the ritual.

Marriage Promises by the Groom

Marriage Promises by the Groom

The Behula ‘Groom’ takes the center stage as he states his promise to marry and make his lovely wife happy throughout life. In front of the world, in witness of Lord Agni, he states his promises to his Bride.

  1. I will always remember her as the other half of my own body. I will take care of her selflessly.
  2. She will be the queen of my life and I will discuss everything before taking any decision.
  3. In her scars, I would not look down on her, but make her comfortable to fight against it.
  4. I will always be true and never cheat on her.
  5. She will be my best friend and I’ll love each and every moment with her.
  6. I’ll give all my earnings to her. I’ll take care of her happiness.
  7. I’ll never let her down in front of others. I would never let her self-respect be harmed.
  8. I’ll never lose my patience with her but always treat her softly with love.
  9. I’ll never leave her side: Happy or sick. I’ll always be right beside her. I would never leave her for anything.
  10. I’ll always help her in her personal progress and with my support, I will motivate her.

Marriage Promises by the Bride

Marriage Promises by the Bride

The Behuli ‘Bride’ takes the center stage and states her promises that she is going to be the soulmate that has brought them to be. It all takes place in the ceremony, as she stands in witness to the Fire Lord, Agni, and in front of the whole world, states the promises to her Groom.

  1. From today, I’ll take care of him as my own, with consideration for his happiness and comfort.
  2. I’ll be a loving person for his family and friends and respect and love with happiness.
  3. I’ll work and help with the family’s progress and his personal growth.
  4. I’ll trust and respect him, and never let down his trust.
  5. I’ll speak softly and stay happy with the family. I won’t let anger and conflict affect my family.
  6. I’ll help him save the money and help with expenses to run the family.
  7. I’ll let go of his scars and help him overcome his defects.
  8. I’ll not disrespect him in front of other people. Our discussions will never affect our social lives.
  9. I’ll take care of his mistakes and stand with him guiding him through the right way.

Before You End This Article

Marriage is a trust and a relationship that goes all the way through life. It even continues afterlife, if you believe in the realm of it. That’s how tight you tie the knot so everlasting with your meant-to-be partner. It connects you with your partner for the next 7 lives.

Marriage promises with vows for life

Hindu Tradition and belief have settled a marriage relationship in the highest regard. It is a ritual celebration Sanskar of life. It is set on the belief of finding the soulmate and a perfectly balanced ‘Gunas’ between the two. It is matched by the Astrological readings. Read the Article ‘Why Matching is important?‘ to understand the depth of it.

This process of Stating the vow in marriage is practiced during a ritual process in a Ceremonial Hindu Marriage. The whole process of the Marriage System and process of ‘Why And How’ is stated on this site, where each process and steps with their importance have been stated with elaborated description.

Proves that Marriage is not just a Ritual, but a process where a person finds their Soulmate, who is going to be the partner through life and death, and promise to do so with these vows.