Why Matching is Done Before Marriage?

Matching Cheena/Kunadali is believed to keep the couple strong and together for a life-time (Yes, even today, people believe that). But the real question is “Why matching is done before marriage or is the matching before marriage necessary? What will happen if the Kunadali doesn’t match? Should you not marry that person? 

Well, marriage is an important decision of life and you cannot afford to take risks. 


Youngsters today believe in the matching of feelings and chemistry. All of us look for the understanding partner to spend the rest of our lives. But the adults- especially in Hindu culture, still believe in the concept of “Match made in heaven”. In a literal sense, some people believe that the match that scores high in China/Kunadali match makes a perfect couple. 

What is Kundali Matching?

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundli Milan is said to match the guna (character) of man and woman to ensure their compatibility. 

Moon matching (Matching Nakshatras) for eight points should also be done during the marriage. Let’s not dive deep in the rules of these matching- the Pandit will do that for you. But let’s know what character they consider

  1. Varna (represents ego development)- 1,
  2. Vashya (represents mutual attraction)- 2,
  3. Tara (represents health and well-being)- 3,
  4. Yoni (represents biological compatibility)- 4,
  5. Graha Maitri (represents Intellectual and spiritual level)- 5,
  6. Gan (represents temperament)- 6,
  7. Bhakut (represents family welfare)-7,
  8. Nadi ((represents appearance and health) 8

 Among 36 ideal characters of a person, at least 18 aspects should be matching for a happy marriage. 18 to 24 character match is fairly good while the match above 24 makes the couple very compatible. 

Why matching is done before marriage?

Why matching is done before marriage?

Kundali Matching is a practice of Vedic astrology. People believe that it’s more about science and less about superstition. The match of these characters indicates the match of chemistry. In arrange marriage, when two individuals, totally unknown to each other, Kundali Matching checks there compatibility, sexual abilities, and attitudes. 

If you are about to do love marriage, you already know the partner well. You know about the compatibility, attitudes, and chemistry. So you might not exactly need to do Kundali Matching. But if you are a believer of ancient knowledge, it won’t hurt. 

What if your Kunadali doesn’t match with the partners?

Now, the question is about how much you believe in the effect of astrology to determine the character of a person. If you believe in gods and ghosts and all those ancient knowledge, you might want to find someone who matches your Kundali. 

If you think that a person’s character and habit is the result of their life experience, you might not need Kundali matching. But you should definitely communicate and get to know the person you are about to get married. 

After all, it’s the most important decision of your life.  

Remember that a strong relationship is built by love, commitment, and dedication. A piece of paper won’t ensure a life-time of happiness. 

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