Aquarius : Kumbha Rashi ( कुम्भ राशि )

Aquarius (Kumbha rashi) (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

कुम्भ (गु, गे, गो, सा, सि, सु, से, सो, द) –

बुद्धिको उपयोगले लक्ष्य प्राप्त गर्न सकिनेछ। आम्दानीका स्रोत बढ्नुका साथै दिगो फाइदा हुने काममा सम्झौता गर्ने समय छ। अध्ययनमा प्रगति हुनेछ भने ज्ञानलाई निखार्ने अवसर प्राप्त हुनेछ। सुखद् समाचारले उत्साह जगाउनेछ। मेहनतले सम्मानित स्थान दिलाउन सक्छ। बौद्धिक अभिव्यक्तिको तारिफ हुनेछ। आफ्नो श्रमबाट अरूले फाइदा उठाउने कोसिस गर्नेछन्।

You need a spirited defense of something important to you and your life  – even if it doesn’t seem to come under attack! It’s one of those days when you can tell that things are a little tenser you’ll be overprotective.

Compatibility with: Virgo

Mood: Very Cautious

Color: Navy Blue

Lucky Number of the day: 44

Lucky Time: 12 pm

About Aquarius

The traits of this Zodiac sign are the hardest to describe as there are not many of them. The only few traits that can describe them other than unrestrained and individual. They can be anything and anyone depending on whom they are with and although not all but most Aquarius are the centers of their groups. This may be because they understand other people well. They are just like clay ready to be molded and taking each part from the people they admire to create their own version of a perfect self.

They are rather unpredictable as you never know what they may do next or whose character they may add to their own self. Due to this, you have to be on guard to some extent even if you are a close person of an Aquarius due to their randomness but they are totally harmless to those who they are close with. As for those who dare to cross their path, then be afraid of them as you never know where they might come from or what form they may take.

They are manipulative to some extent though and this may be caused by their high level of understanding of people’s behavior which is again caused by them being like clay and being molded by taking traits of people they admire.