Aries (मेष राशि – Mesh Rashi) Baishakh 2078

“chu, che, cho, la, laa, li, loo, le, lo, a” (चु, चे, चो, ल, ला, लि, लू, ले, लो, अ )

Sukra’s impact on this month for Mesh Rashi seems to be a blessed thing. With the positive side of it being a boon for the education field. You might be the fortunate one in the education sector of travel. 

The sustainable richness of gold, silver is seen to be added. This can also be associated with your business field of work. If you are associated with the Agricultural side and investing in it, then it is going to be an economically progressive month for you.

Surya has some negative impacts for this month, you might have an effect toll on your heart, there might also be an increase in your emotion of anger, along with mourning that you might have to face. 

Budh effect can show that you will be gaining auspicious blessings from this side along with beneficiary education but will impact your mentality. So implementing thoughts to your spoken words will give you positivity that can help you prevent some loss that it might have caused otherwise.

Mangal’s position for this month shows a lot of negativity for you to face,

You will have a risk of theft from your valuables. Your hard-earned asset might be lost. There can be a  disturbance among your brothers, related to property. All these economic aspects can even lead to legal disputes.

To make the month as smooth as possible, you should worship Lord Ganesh. You can even try fasting on Tuesdays. Your happiness and progress can overpower your obstacles for the month if you follow this measure.

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