How Rashi is Different from Western Horoscope

If you are someone who is not all into western and has some interest in the eastern culture then you might have heard this word “Rashi” time and again. For most of you, the meaning is rather simple as it is just our own version of the zodiac signs and a few of you have no idea what it is. But did you know that we all have three types of Rashi? 

We are not even talking about Zodiac as in general. We are just talking about the Rashis of the Vedic zodiac. But before we go into the depths you have to know that Vedic Zodiac is not the same as the Western Zodiac and is a bit more ritual as well as more complicated as there are other influences like Gana, Dosh, Dasa as well as Yog which directly influences how your day goes in accordance to your Rashi. 

Now it is also to be considered that despite both being considered Zodiac with the same Zodiac signs they are not the same in formation and traits. The traits of the Western Zodiac is determined by the birth date while the Traits in the Vedic Zodiac or “Rashi” is determined by the planets and their positioning.

How is Vedic Zodiac different from Western Zodiac?

Like we mention Rashi and Zodiac are easy to be considered the same. Unlike the Chinese zodiac which looks completely different, both these zodiacs look the same. It is to be noted that both western zodiac and rashi are said to have their origins in ancient Greece and this is another similarity besides the signs. This also explains why both the Zodiacs look the same but that’s about all the things that are similar. 

The first difference is the way you find your zodiac sign. In the western one, just knowing the date and month of your birth is enough to determine what zodiac symbol you fall into but in the Vedic Zodiac, not only do you need the month and date of your birth but you also need the year of birth, your location of birth as well as your time of birth. This will determine your Rashi. But not all people know this so there are other names to determine your Rashi as well and both of them have to do with your name. 

It is the Hindu belief that your name is not random and has a lot to do with your fate so it is an important part of astrology. As such in order to find your Rashi in the absence of your birth details, both your birth name and your current name can be used. Although your name will not give you accurate results, it can still be used in Astrology to predict your future to some degree over a short duration of time. 

Another difference is that while the traits in the Western Zodiac is based on the Birth Planet, the traits in Vedic astrology is not totally based on the birth planet as this considers all the other planets and moon, as well as the constellations, influencing you at a specific time and during your entire life. This also means that it has some form of explanation for why your personality changed at some point in your life. 

What are the Types of Rashi?

As you may have seen in the title there are three types of Vedic zodiac, They are based on your birth time and each type has its own unique features and uses. Along with this each type the functions in a completely different way as well. The three types are Lagna Rashi (Ascendant), Chandra Rashi (Moon sign), and Surya Rashi (Sun Sign).

1. Lagna Rashi (Ascendant)

This is determined by the position of the Sun when compared to earth during the time of your birth. Even if you are born at night the position of the sun is still relevant to earth and this Rashi relies on the time and date and place of your birth.

Also, this is also the one that almost all the Astrologers use when predicting your future. The main reason for this is because of the accuracy that they see in prediction while using this. If we consider that even if a twin is born there will always be some minutes of the gap between them then it is understandable as no person shares the same destiny and the whole point of astrology is to see destiny. Along with this, it changes every two hours. Meaning that every person born within the gap of two hours will have a different one. 

2. Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign)

This is the Zodiac that most of us have seen. Yes, this is the Vedic zodiac that we see in the newspapers. If you ever wonder why your Rashi and Western Zodiac are not the same then now you will know why. This one is based on the Moon’s rotation.

This means that your Chandra Rashi is based on the day and time you were born and it does not care too much about the month or year. You may be thinking if this is based on the moon why do we need time right? Well, it is because one revolution of the moon takes around 27 days meaning that the duration of one Rashi is 2 days 7 hours, and 12 minutes. This form is the most commonly known because people do not always have the exact time of birth and in this form, the time can be rounded out to a certain degree making it easier to use. 

3. Surya Rashi (Sun Sign)

This is basically your western Zodiac with added bonus. The signs are the same as the western zodiac and this follows the classic western zodiac date system as well. What is different is the added bonus of Constellations as well as planets and moons influencing how your destiny turns out. This is mainly a discarded branch of Vedic astrology as according to this anyone born within a month of each sign has the same destiny. We have established before that no one can share the same destiny and when you consider that Lagna and Chandra Rashi does a far better job than this when trying to separate and connect an individual to their destiny. 

Finding Your Rashi Without the Birth Date.

We mentioned before that you can still find your Rashi without even if you don’t have a birth date in the beginning. We also mentioned that this can be done through your name be it a birth name or current name. Regardless of what name you use you can still find your Rashi but if you use your birth or Nwaran name it will be more accurate.

The reason behind this is because your Birth Name is considered to be your true name leading to your destiny and any name after that is seen to be a name that was chosen as a guide to lead you to your destiny. Now the way to find your Rashi through the name is rather simple but a bit time-consuming. What you should do is find the first letter of your name among the 12 Rashis. They are listed below

  1. Mesha Rashi (मेष राशी) – chu, che, cho, la, laa, li, loo, le, lo, a  (चु, चे, चो, ल, ला, लि, लू, ले, लो, अ )
  2. Brish Rashi (वृष राशी) – ba, va, u, ee, e, o, va, vee, vu, ve, vo (बा, व, ई, ए,ओ, वा, वी, वु, वे, वो)
  3. Mithun Rashi  (मिथुन राशी) – ka, chha, gha, kaa, kee, ku, ke, ko, haa (क, छ, घ, का, की, कु, के, को, हा)
  4. Karkat Rashi ( करकट राशी) – da, ha, hee, hu, ho, daa, dee, doo ,de ,do (द, ह, ही, हु, हो, दा, दी, दू, दे, दो)
  5. Singha Rashi (सिंह राशी) – ma, ta, maa, mee, mo, me, taa, tee, too, de (म, त, मा, मी, मो, ता, ती, तू, दे) 
  6. Kanya Rashi (कन्या राशी) – pa, tha, na, to, paa, pee, poo, sha, na, tha, pe, po (प, ठ, न, तो, पा, पी, पू, श, न, ठ, पे, पो) 
  7. Tula Rashi (तुला राशी) – ra, ta, raa, ree, roo, re, ro, taa, tee, too, te (र, त, रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते) 
  8. Brishchik Rashi (वृश्चिक राशी) – na, ya, to, naa, nee, noo, yaa, yee, yu (न, या, तो, ना, नी, नू, या, यी, यु) 
  9. Dhanu Rashi (धनु राशी ) – bha, dha, pha, dha, ye, yo, bhaa, bhee, bhoo, dhaa, dhaa, bhe (भ, ध, फ, ढ, ये, यो, भा, भी, भो, धा, ढा, भे) 
  10. Makar Rashi (मकर राशी ) – kha, ja, bho, jaa, jee, khee, khoo, gaa, gee (ख, ज, भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, गा, गी)
  11. Kumbha Rashi (कुम्भ राशी) – ga, sa, sha, sh, gu, ge, go, saa, see, soo, se, daa (ग, स, श, ष, गु, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, दा)
  12. Min Rashi (मीन राशी) – da, cha, jha, tha, de, doo, tha, de, do, chee (द, छ, झ, ठ, दे, दू, था, डे, दु, छे)  

In case you do not find the first letter of your name here, it most likely is a combination of two existing letters like Pra (प्र) which is a combination of p (प्) and ra (र) or yan (ञ) which is a combination of ya (य) and na (न). In this case, use the first part of the combined letter as your first letter to see your Rashi. 

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