Check Out The Secret Meanings of Your Zodiac Signs

We all have heard that certain zodiac signs have certain traits that are more or less common in the people who have that sign. Now regardless of whether you believe it or not this does seem to be generally accepted. Whether it is caused by the placebo effect or the alignments of stars do really have an influence on our personality is up for debate but we are not here to do that today.

We are here to tell you the traits that the 12 zodiac signs have and how it is relevant to the zodiac sign. If you are someone who believes in Zodiac signs and astrology then you might already know some of these signs. If you do not believe in them, reading this might help you understand the people who do believe in zodiac signs and follow them. So all in all this is not really a waste of anyone’s time. Believers of the zodiac can explore themselves while skeptics can understand the believers a bit more and understanding a person is really something each of us should try to do.

1. Aries (MAR 21 – APR 20)

Aries is a zodiac sign that is said to be the one who is an example. Now, what type of example Aries depend on each person as there have been both good and bad examples. Regardless of that Aries are people who like to set an example of themselves. This is because of their burning passion and competitiveness. They are full of energy and are almost always hyped up for things.

This is good and all but due to their constant consumption of positive energy when they fall down, they fall down deep and heavily. If an Aries feels down, it may take long before s/he can recover back. Along with aerie are usually known to be people who are hard to get along at first but keepers as well once you get used to it.

There is just so much energy and purity that it can be a bit overwhelming for the people who like calmness. They are honest and straightforward with their emotions and being a bunch of energy balls. 

2. Taurus (APR 20 – MAY 21)

The most common way to describe a Taurus will be a person who is practical and is tuned towards music whom you can rely on. With the zodiac sign represented by bulls, they are well known to be stubborn just like bulls. But unlike bulls, they are extremely logical minded and practical thinkers. Taurus also naturally tend to be extremely hard workers and very efficient workers as well. Now while this is all good and all since they naturally are practical and more or less always know the most efficient way to work, this can lead to crashes with the superiors or with the people of power.

The main reason being they can’t handle anyone messing up efficiency. They do really want honest opinions and feel like they are being considered. Although not the most emotional of zodiac signs, they do get hurt if they feel like their opinion is not being valued rather easily. But it can be a  bit hard to understand these types of feelings as they hide them under their stubbornness and seek music to heal them.

Extremely loyal and almost always with a solution, these are the people you want by your side. 

3. Gemini (MAY 21 – JUN 20)

Both of the Zodiac signs so far carry pretty standard traits to be a hero and the good guy so far. But these are zodiac signs that should be feared if you cross them. Their core trait is that they have two sides within themselves. One side is the most trustworthy and you can easily trust this side of the Gemini. They work hard and are natural-born observers so they know a lot of things and see a lot of things as well. Along with this if you want any form of support then Gemini will be there for you regardless of the time or place. This all one side of the spectrum, however.

As we mentioned Gemini has two sides and while the side we mentioned so far is the bright one they have a dark side as well. They are known to be overthinkers and emotionally intelligent people meaning that given enough time they can find emotional vulnerabilities within anyone they want. This makes them exceptionally dangerous when you add the fact that they observe everything naturally.

Gemini can be your best ally and usually are but as soon as you cross the boundary they will forget you exist or destroy you. There is no in-between. 

4. Cancer (JUN 21 – JUL 22)

If we have to describe the people who share the Zodiac sign Cancer in one phrase then it would be “rock hard on the outside, a soft plushie on the inside”. They are among the most sensitive zodiac signs out there. While Gemini may observe and find out, cancers innately know what the other party is feeling without even making any effort. This naturally means that they are HSP (highly sensitive people) and this is both their greatest strength and biggest weakness.

In a way, since they more or less feel what is going around the mind they are great emotional support and are people who care and love hard. But on the other hand, since they feel what is in another person’s mind they become extremely hard to approach as well. Not all humans are kind and nice and if exposed to enough of these people Cancers tend to shut off and go into hiding.

Along with this a lot of the people of this zodiac tend to be creative as well. Since they don’t think much and are mostly run on emotions they need some way to express themselves and they rely on expressing themselves through their creations be it graphics, words, dances, or music. 

5. Leo (JUL 23 – AUG 22)

This zodiac sign shares a lot of similar traits with Taurus. Both of these signs are practical and are hard-working as well as people who are honest. Along with this both of these signs are extremely stubborn as well. This is where the similarity ends though. people of this zodiac are goal-oriented but at the same time enjoy freedom as well. Along with this, they are filled with passion. This is further fueled by their curious nature. Now with all of these traits, they invite a lot of troubles to themselves and it sometimes seems like troubles never are too far behind a Leo.

However, they are also kind and caring as well so they don’t want to involve others in their troubles. The result is they fight hard alone. Over time all of these fights with the troubles mostly created by themselves make them wiser and bolder at the same time. They are natural-born leaders fiercely protective of the things and people they lead.

Be on the good side of a Leo and you will be protected but if you mess with one then you might as well have to face the force of an entire army of the people whom the Leo has protected so far. 

6. Virgo (AUG 23 – SEPT 22)

This Zodiac if summed up in a few words can be called “Mysterious kind Strangers’ ‘ and this is no exaggeration either. It is really hard to get close to a Virgo. The main reason is because of their intellect. This is one of the main traits of this zodiac and is its core as well. Everything a Virgo is comes from their mind. As natural-born observers and thinkers, they see each and every side of the world and are affected by it. They acknowledge the good that the world has but also know how dark the world can be. Due to this, they let a few people in their world.

As for the world of Virgo, it is filled with information and feelings that are incomprehensible to people and only those who get close to the people of this zodiac can understand them. One thing that stands out in Virgo is that they are really conscious of how they look and what image they have. They are not too excessive but they do have a style of look which they will keep for life.

Along with this Virgo are efficient machines when it comes to work and at the same time, they won’t give more effort or time than they should regardless of others’ opinions. All of these traits combine to give somewhat of a magician-like vibe as very few people know what they do or how they do it. 

7. Libra (SEPT 23 – OCT 22)

Known as the mediators in the Zodiac world Libras are the peacekeepers. This Zodiac sign is literally represented by a scale which is also the representation of the justice so this should not be a surprise. Being this way they are very kind and loyal to those whom they support but also ruthless and deadly to those whom they oppose. Just like with Gemini and Virgo the base of a Libra is their mind. They observe everything and see everything. What sets this sign apart from others is that because of knowing the dark side and the bright side of the world, they can turn sides instantly.

Feelings don’t matter much to a Libra as long as they are on the right side and it is safe to say that even if a person who is super close to them is wrong they won’t hesitate to dump them. With that being said they do love peace so as long as they are left on their own and nothing disturbs their peace, they are as harmless as a breeze.

They are a bit of an airhead though and they often make plans but then forget to follow through and daydream a lot and just like a Leo they want freedom although most of that freedom is to daydream and relax while doing that. They are hardworking but at the same time lazy as well which are contradicting but they also balance each other out and balance is what Libras are all about.

8. Scorpio (OCT 23 – NOV 21)

Scorpio is the zodiac sign which is sometimes called the kind devil and this is not too far as well. On the outside, they seem to be just like a devil. They are mischievous in nature and sometimes seen as rude as well and on top of that they don’t open up to many people. Scorpios are guarded people and have a lot of emotions dwelling inside them. Since they don’t open up to many people and usually have a casual and flat way of speaking no one really understands them without getting close and due to these traits they can be misunderstood as arrogant and prideful.

But once you get to know the people of this zodiac you will find that they are quite sensitive and are kind. You will soon realize that their outer appearance is more or less a façade to prevent their inner thoughts from being seen and a filter to only let the ones who see through their evil-looking façade.

They can control their emotions well and are among those who are the calmest during calamities making rational but once the dust settles down they need someone to hold on to as all the suppressed emotions come out. 

9. Sagittarius (NOV 22 – DEC 21)

Sagittarius are the explorers of all the Zodiac and discover as well. This is what makes them themselves. Never afraid of taking an unconventional path and losing their way, the Sagittarius are people who value their freedom a lot. Through their free journey, they learn a lot and observe a lot as well so they over time see the dark and the bright side of reality. Although not as quickly as Gemini or Libra they do come to realize what reality is all about similar to them but unlike them, Sagittarius spread this knowledge.

This is both a good and a bad thing as being generous is usually a good thing but sometimes this can lead to their downfall due to either envy or malicious intent directed towards them which they often fail to see due to their mind and will being occupied by other things. They are fierce warriors though so the first shot is your best shot. If you fail to harm them in the first shot, you will never be able to harm them.

With that being said they tend to avoid conflict as conflicts restrict their will and cost a lot of energy which they can use to spread their goodness. 

10. Capricorn (DEC 22 – JAN 19)

Capricorns are the neat freaks among the zodiac signs and also the perfectionists. Now to be a perfectionist you have to be aware of the risks and rewards which they can do very well. Calculative and analyzing anything is something like second nature for them. But it also means that they are rather nit-picky as well which can annoy people around them. Feelings are not an issue for this zodiac as they can handle them rather well and if they want it they will get it to be it material or emotional thing.

They want to be the best at what they do and they have the qualities to do as well but sometimes they become narrow-minded and get tunnel vision when they focus on their goal which is an issue. They miss other small things which later can become an issue. Despite this, if your goals align with a Capricorn, then that person is the best ally you can get as they will spare no effort to support you. The good thing is that as long as they gain valuable experience which will help them, in the long run, they won’t mind helping you at free of cost.

It can be a bit hard to get along with them at first due to their goal-oriented and nit-picky nature but once you get along with them they tend to grow on you and you will just gain a powerful ally and a supporting person by your side. 

11. Aquarius (JAN 20 – FEB 18)

The traits of this Zodiac sign are the hardest to describe as there are not many of them. The only few traits that can describe them other than unrestrained and individual. They can be anything and anyone depending on whom they are with and although not all but most Aquarius are the centers of their groups. This may be because they understand other people well. They are just like clay ready to be molded and taking each part from the people they admire to create their own version of a perfect self.

They are rather unpredictable as you never know what they may do next or whose character they may add to their own self. Due to this, you have to be on guard to some extent even if you are a close person of an Aquarius due to their randomness but they are totally harmless to those who they are close with. As for those who dare to cross their path, then be afraid of them as you never know where they might come from or what form they may take.

They are manipulative to some extent though and this may be caused by their high level of understanding of people’s behavior which is again caused by them being like clay and being molded by taking traits of people they admire.  

12. Pisces (FEB 10 – MAR 20)

Just like Scorpio Pisces are among the most misunderstood Zodiac signs as well. On the surface, they are kind and soft. This is not a façade though as they are indeed kind and soft. They tend to be pretty emotional and sensitive as well. They avoid conflict and don’t really involve anyone in their own conflict. One thing about being sensitive is that they feel a lot of emotions and words are not always capable of expressing them so Pisces tends to be creative as well. This is not a surprise and people understand this. What people often make a mistake about is thinking this is all there to a Pisces.

zodiac signs meaning

Pisces are often represented by mermaids and mermaids are not exactly innocent and kind. One of the main traits of a mermaid is their righteousness and spontaneousness and this is what this zodiac is not known for. Just like a Libra if you mess up and do something wrong, Pieces will abandon you even if it will hurt them. For them wrong is wrong. Also due to them being spontaneous but also calm at the same time which are two traits that don’t mix well, they sometimes tend to be rebellious as a side effect.

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