Leo : Singh Rashi (सिंह राशि)

सिंह (मा, मि, मु, मे, मो, टा, टि, टु, टे) –

कतै लामो दूरीको लाभदायी यात्रा गर्नु छ भने आज राम्रो हुन्छ । सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व वहन गर्ने समय छ । परोपकार र धार्मिक क्षेत्रमा लगानी गरेमा अझ राम्रो हुनेछ । रोकिएका काम सम्पादन हुनेछन् । नयाँ काम र जिम्मेवारी हात पार्ने मौका छ । पढाइमा पनि राम्रै प्रगति हुनेछ । आर्थिक पक्ष सबल छ । आजका लागि शुभअङ्क ९ र शुभरङ्ग छिर्केमिर्के बुट्टे हो भने कुनै शुभकर्म गर्नु पूर्व वा यात्रामा जानु अघि आज ॐ कें केतवे नमः यस मन्त्रको कम्तीमा ७ पटक जप गरी आरम्भ गर्दा लाभ प्राप्त हुनेछ ।

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Work issues are on your mind, no matter what your situation may be. This is not the best time to take bold stands or risk much, but you are feeling good enough to settle old business.

Compatibility with: Cancer

Mood:  Very Energetic

Color:  Blue

Lucky Number of the day: 44

Lucky Time : 1am

About Leo

This zodiac sign shares a lot of similar traits with Taurus. Both of these signs are practical and are hard-working as well as people who are honest. Along with this both of these signs are extremely stubborn as well. This is where the similarity ends though. people of this zodiac are goal-oriented but at the same time enjoy freedom as well. Along with this, they are filled with passion. This is further fueled by their curious nature. Now with all of these traits, they invite a lot of troubles to themselves and it sometimes seems like troubles never are too far behind a Leo.

However, they are also kind and caring as well so they don’t want to involve others in their troubles. The result is they fight hard alone. Over time all of these fights with the troubles mostly created by themselves make them wiser and bolder at the same time. They are natural-born leaders fiercely protective of the things and people they lead.

Be on the good side of a Leo and you will be protected but if you mess with one then you might as well have to face the force of an entire army of the people whom the Leo has protected so far.