Libra : Tula Rashi ( तुला राशि )

तुला (र, रि, रु, रे, रो, ता, ति, तु, ते) –

मेहनतले पदीय जिम्मेवारी दिलाउनेछ। नसोचेको अवसरले मन प्रफुल्लित गराउनेछ। सामान्य मित्रता दिगो परिवर्तनको संवाहक बन्न सक्छ। शुभचिन्तकहरू प्रशस्तै फेला पर्नेछन्। चुनौतीहरू स्वतः हट्नेछन् भने कर्मयोग र आम्दानीले पछ्याउनेछन्। धेरैले मेहनतको तारिफ गर्नेछन्। टाढिएका साथीभाइ नजिकिनाले हर्ष बढ्नेछ। प्रतिष्ठा कमाउने बेला छ।

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Share your feelings with someone close to you – or someone new to your life, if you’ve romantic feelings. It’s a good time to open yourself up, as you should get the best possible response from people you care about.

Compatibility with: Virgo

Mood: Loved

Color: Spring Green

Lucky Number of the day: 96

Lucky Time: 5 am

About Libra

Known as the mediators in the Zodiac world Libras are the peacekeepers. This Zodiac sign is literally represented by a scale which is also the representation of the justice so this should not be a surprise. Being this way they are very kind and loyal to those whom they support but also ruthless and deadly to those whom they oppose. Just like with Gemini and Virgo the base of a Libra is their mind. They observe everything and see everything. What sets this sign apart from others is that because of knowing the dark side and the bright side of the world, they can turn sides instantly.

Feelings don’t matter much to a Libra as long as they are on the right side and it is safe to say that even if a person who is super close to them is wrong they won’t hesitate to dump them. With that being said they do love peace so as long as they are left on their own and nothing disturbs their peace, they are as harmless as a breeze.

They are a bit of an airhead though and they often make plans but then forget to follow through and daydream a lot and just like a Leo they want freedom although most of that freedom is to daydream and relax while doing that. They are hardworking but at the same time lazy as well which are contradicting but they also balance each other out and balance is what Libras are all about.