Manglik Dosh – Meaning, Causes, and Remedies

All of us have heard the word “Manglik” at least once in our life. Here we will talk about what it is and what causes it. In short Manglik Dosh is an astrological term which more or less signifies bad love life and low chances of love marriage. After all in astrology, Manglik is the number one villain for love life.

If you are a skeptic then you won’t believe in things that are here but you can still read this to kill time if you are bored. As we always say, any random information is good information when you are bored. But if you are someone who is into astrology then this might just be what you are looking for. 

Introduction to Manglik and Mangal Dosh

manglik dosh

Manglik Dosh is derivative astrology. Mangal Dosh is a core term however and if a person has Mangal Dosh then which negatively affects his/her general love life then that person is said to have Manglik Dosh and is called a Manglik. Most people who seek astrology don’t really care about anything else related to Mangal Dosh besides marriage so in recent times, Manglik Dosh is a term created as a subsection of the Mangal Dosh. 

Manglik Dosh is a type of Dasha which causes issues in your love life and prevents your love as we mentioned before and that is all there is to it. We will get deeper into why it happens and the full effects of Manglik Dosh here. If you ask for Manglik Dosh then the answers you will receive will be the things that are filtered out of the Mangal Dosh to be specific to your love life. 

What Causes Manglik Dosh?

In astrology, there are heavenly bodies that influence us in a specific way called lords. Along with this, there are 12 houses as well which represent different aspects of our lives. The houses represent which aspect of your life. Now, this is affected by the heavenly body either positively or negatively when the heavenly body or the lord is positioned in that house of your birth chart. This is how astrology works in simple. 

In Astrology the Mars is called the lord of Progress and stability as well as aggression. Mars is the cause of the Manglik Dosh. With the basics being cleared we will now go into the positioning of Mars in the Vedic chart that causes the Manglik Dosh/Dosh. Now, this can be caused in 4 ways.

Cause 1

As per the Vedic chart, you will have Manglik Dosh if Mars resides in the 12th house which affects your travels and freedom. In this case, you will simply lose the freedom of love and as a result, your love life will fail.

Cause 2

In this case, Mars will reside in the 1st house which affects your personality. As we have mentioned before that Mars is the lord of progress you will be too focused on progress that you will be the one causing issues in your love life and as a result fail to be married to the one you love in this case of Manglik Dosh. We will discuss the traits of those who have Manglik Dosha bit later which will make this case much clearer.

Cause 3  

As for this case, Mars will reside in the 4th house which affects your Family life or material happiness. This can destroy your chance of love marriage in two ways one of which is that you will care too much about family and not give enough time to the one whom you love/who loves you romantically and disappoint/ignore them which will give them no choice but to leave you. The second one is that you will be too focused on buying things and earning money to buy things to the extent of ignoring them and making them disappointed and leave you. 

Cause 4 

In this case, Mars will either be located in the 7th house which affects your love life, or in the 8th house which basically affects all the obstacles you will ever face in your life. Regardless of where Mars resides the result is the same which is random and constant obstacles in your love life forcing you to abandon your love. 

Traits of Manglik

The general traits that Mars, which is the cause of the Manglik Dosh, gives you the general traits of aggression, futuristic/progressive thinking, materialistic mindset, and good analytical skills. As for the traits specific to the Manglik Dosh, we have listed them below.

  • Aggressive and short-tempered
  • Competitive
  • Skeptic
  • Emotional (either feels much emotions or feels too fewer emotions)
  • Overthinker
  • Prefers logic over feelings
  • Dominant
  • Manipulative
  • Socially well adjusted

You see that not all of the traits of the people who have Manglik Dosh are bad and some of you who have Manglik Dosh might not even have any negative traits at all. You could only be emotional, competitive, and socially well adjusted and it can still cause you to fail at love marriage as while these traits are good for personal growth, it is not necessarily good for a relationship. Too much competitiveness or too much involvement in social life can ruin personnel time and thereby ruin relationships.

We don’t have to tell you how being emotional can ruin a relationship as almost everyone has a friend who is too emotional and either makes others worry or drives them nuts. Now with that being said can Manglik Dosh even be cured or removed or are there any loopholes in this Dosh?

Remedies and Loopholes of Manglik Dosh

In astrology, there is nothing without cure and Manglik is not really as deadly as the movies and the soap operas show. In fact, a lot of Mangliks do have love marriages and rather happy ones at that. As with all things in astrology the cure is Pujas and rates. We will get into some of them a bit later but before we go there let us first tell you the loopholes in the Manglik Dosh

The loopholes

If you fall in love with someone who is also a Manglik then you don’t have to worry at all. Just like in math when two negatives are added it becomes positive, in astrology when two people with no expectations of a happy love life come together they combine to make a happy love life.

It makes sense logically as well if you consider the traits and use a bit of common sense. If two people value the same thing and they think similarly then naturally they will get along to reach their goal together and since they think similarly there will be no lack of understanding and communication as well. 

Similarly, the effect of Manglik Dosh is high with the first love, and as you fall in love with more people the chances of marriage become higher as well due to the effect of Mars lessening and other Heavenly bodies which effect love in a positive way such as Moon which is the lord of emotions and Venus which is the lord of love influencing you more.

If you keep astrology aside, you can think of this psychology as well. If you have a specific trait (Manglik) and it is constantly affecting your love life in a bad way then you will naturally fall into introspection and try to know what caused those failures and once you find out some of your own flaws you will want to change them. 

The Pujas and other remedies

Now sometimes the effect of Manglik Dosh does not disappear despite love failures so in those cases, Pujas are needed.

Kumbha Vivah 

One of the best remedies is to do a Kumbh Vivah. In this remedy, you should marry a Peepal tree and banana tree. You can also marry a silver or a gold coin if there are no banana trees around you. What this will do is simulate a forceful marriage and hence transfer the ill effect of Mars to the object of marriage. Since your first marriage is not technically a love marriage, you can marry whoever you fall for. But you do have to consider your own behavior after doing this which most of the people do.

Mangal Shanti

The other common method is a Mangal Shanti which will reduce the ill effect of the Manglik Dosh but not completely remove it if the Dosh has a deep effect on you. But in most cases, this is enough to remove a Manglik Dosh. 

Gemstones (Ratna)

The next option is to wear a Gemstone. The most commonly used gemstone is Diamond which is the gemstone supporting Planet Venus. We have already mentioned that Venus is the lord of love in astrology so wearing this gemstone will enhance the effect of Venus. Another benefit is that this will make a great impression on the one you love. It should be noted however that since you are constantly influenced by other planets as well you should consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstones. 

We know that there are a lot of skeptics who don’t believe in astrology but a lot of people believe in astrology and they need tips as well and that is what we are all about. 

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