Virgo : Kanya Rashi ( कन्या राशि )

कन्या (टो, प, पि, पु, ष, ण, ठ, पे, पो) –

आयुक्षेत्रमा चन्द्रमा भए पनि शुभग्रहको बल प्राप्त भएकाले सानातिना काम र घरेलु समस्यामा नै आजको समय व्यतीत भएपनि त्यसबाट राम्रो लाभ हुनेछ । सवारी साधन हाँक्दा अपनाएको सचेतताका कारण चोटपटकबाट जोगिनु हुनेछ । प्राज्ञिक र बौद्धिक क्षेत्रको काममा लामो यात्राको सम्भावना छ । आजका लागि शुभअङ्क ६ र शुभरङ्ग सफा र चम्किलो हो भने कुनै शुभकर्म गर्नु पूर्व वा यात्रामा जानु अघि आज ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः यस मन्त्रको कम्तीमा ११ पटक जप गरी आरम्भ गर्दा लाभ प्राप्त हुनेछ ।

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

If you’re expecting progress or a good result  today, you need to prepare yourself for a bit of  disappointment. See if you can get yourself to accept the reality  that will be  bit of a slowdown.

Compatibility with: Cancer

Mood: Very Patient

Color: Blue

Lucky Number of the day: 81

Lucky Time : 7pm

About Virgo

This Zodiac if summed up in a few words can be called “Mysterious kind Strangers’ ‘ and this is no exaggeration either. It is really hard to get close to a Virgo. The main reason is because of their intellect. This is one of the main traits of this zodiac and is its core as well. Everything a Virgo is comes from their mind. As natural-born observers and thinkers, they see each and every side of the world and are affected by it. They acknowledge the good that the world has but also know how dark the world can be. Due to this, they let a few people in their world.

As for the world of Virgo, it is filled with information and feelings that are incomprehensible to people and only those who get close to the people of this zodiac can understand them. One thing that stands out in Virgo is that they are really conscious of how they look and what image they have. They are not too excessive but they do have a style of look which they will keep for life.

Along with this Virgo are efficient machines when it comes to work and at the same time, they won’t give more effort or time than they should regardless of others’ opinions. All of these traits combine to give somewhat of a magician-like vibe as very few people know what they do or how they do it.