12 Secret Tips and Remedies for Shani Graha – Shani Sade Sati

Shani (Saturn) is the 6th planet in our solar system. Shani plays a vital role in everyone’s horoscope in Vedic Hindu astrology. Shani is the mightiest planet among 9 planets in astrology. Shani rules two zodiac signs: Capricorn ( Makar) and Aquarius ( Kumbha). Shani is exalted in Libra ( Tula) and debilitated in Aries (Mesh). Since Shani is considered a malefic planet, everyone fears Shani and resorts to remedies to ward off the negative influences caused by it.

Story Of Shani

The lord Sun is the father of Shani and his mother is Chayadevi. Shani is a brother to Yamaraj, Yamuna, and Bhadra. Saturday is the day of Shani and his color is black. Shani is the lord of the West and is called ‘Saturn’ in English, ‘Zuhul’ in Urdu, ‘Keyvan Zohal’ in Farasi, ‘Zahala’ in Arabic and ‘ Shani’ in Sanskrit.

shani graha

Hindu Vedic story says that by the blessing of Lord Shiva, Shani became the superior planet to represent justice and acts as a judge of a court. According to the ‘Bhamhapurana’, Shani was a pious devotee of Krishna. He was born with a dark complexion which is why his father, lord Surya had a doubt about Shani’s mother’s character. Lord Surya thought that Shani was not his biological son. That thought hurt Shani’s mother Chaya a lot. Despite him being swarthy, Shani had a beautiful wife called ‘Ritu’. The daughter Chitrarath.

One day, when the wife of Shani came back home from a river after having a shower in the hope of conceiving a son, Shani was completely zeroed in on worshipping Lord Krishna. Shani’s wife waited for him for a long time but Shani was still not done with his worshipping. That infuriated Ritu to such an extent that she cursed her husband saying ” As of now whatever or wherever you set your eyes on will have to suffer bad luck.” Shani managed to persuade her upon finishing his worshipping but the curse lasted forever. That incident led Shani to be known as a planet with bad eyes so Shani started walking with his head down to avoid looking at other people and things to save them for the negative effects of his looking. It is also believed that his wife had also cursed him with impotence.

Having gone through all those hardships in his life, the scriptures suggest that Shani was still a rude and obnoxious person. According to the Ananda Ramayana, Shani once got into a fight with Lord Hanuman when Hanuman was tying ropes called ‘Setu’ to reach Lanka. Shani came to Hanuman and humiliated Hanuman by frequently calling him a monkey. Shani said that he was stronger than Hanuman and asked Hanuman to fight him. Hanuman entangled Shani with his tail and dropped him around. After being hurt, Shani asked for Hanuman’s forgiveness. Hanuman forgave Shani and offered him oil to massage his body for the pain Hanuman had given him. It is believed that massaging our body with oil after having a shower on Saturdays rids us of pain and the negative effects of Shani.

Another story says that when Mandodari, the wife of King Ravana was pregnant, Ravana requested every planet to stay in good positions to give birth to a strong son. But, Shani suddenly changed his position when Ravana’s son Megnath was born. That indicated an untimely demise of Ravana’s son according to his horoscope. This act of Shani infuriated Ravana so much that he ended up hitting Shani with his ‘gadha’ ( a fighting weapon) in the leg. That hitting made Shani a crippled man. This is why Shani is called Sanischar (शनैश्चर) meaning someone who walks slowly. Later, Shani looks at Lanka with his evil eyes that causes bad luck and Hanuman burns Lanka down.

Disappointed by his father Surya for Surya’s defaming behavior toward his mother, Shani does hard worshipping of Lord Shiva and gets a blessing of being stronger than his father as well as the highest rank among planets. Lord Shiva makes him the judge not only of the Human but of the Gods, Devils, Nagas. He is also the punisher of everyone’s bad deeds.

After receiving lord Shiva’s blessings, He punished everyone who had done bad deeds during Shani’s Sade Sathi Dasha. Ram, Ravana, The Pandavas and Drupati, king Vikramaditya, king Harischandra, King Nal and his wife Damayanti, etc. couldn’t save themselves from Shani’s Sade Sathi Dasha.

Sade Sathi Dasha

Sadhi Sathi Dasha happens to everyone at least 3 times in their lifespan. It affects 3 zodiac sings at a time. Each affected zodiac sign will have to go through 3 stages ( the beginning, the middle, and the final). To understand the Dasha pattern, consider Shani as a bicycle that has 3 tires in a row and it affects 3 zodiac signs that are in a row. The duration of each tire is 2.5 years. One tire stays in one zodiac sign for 2.5 years and moves on to other zodiac signs. Before moving forward, if the zodiac was in its first stage then after moving forward that sign goes to the second stage and remains there for another 2.5 years. In total, 7.5 ( 2.5+2.5+2.5) years are affected by Shani’s Dasha for one zodiac sign because Shani is crippled as he walks slowly.

loss of wealth, accidents, pain in bones and muscles, arguments in relationships, mental stress and depression, obstacles in progress, loss of opportunities, bad luck are the common symptoms of Shani’s Maha Dhasa.

Remedies Of Shani’s Dasha

shani dev

Since, Shani Dev is judgmental and punishes according to one’s bad deeds, practicing good karma is the key to protecting yourself from the malefic effects of Shani. A judge never punishes innocent people. If one maintains a good character and does anything one can to help those who are in need, doesn’t have to fear Shani. Respecting and never hurting women is also a good way to please Shuni. Shani’s favorite god is Shiva and Shani is afraid of Hanuman and his lord Ram. Shani worships Krishna also. Worshipping Shiva, Hanuman, Ram, and Krishna also results in mitigating Shani’s negative effects.

Here are some ways to mitigate the malefic effects of Shani:

  1. Chanting Shani’s beej mantra
  2. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa
  3. Visiting Shani’s temple on Saturdays
  4. Offering water to Peepal trees on Saturdays
  5. Donating oil, black cloths, black gram pulse, and Salt to the poor.
  6. Feeding something to crows
  7. Giving some sugar to ants ( works both for Shani and Rahu)
  8. Worshipping Lord Shiva
  9. Worshipping Ram and Hanuman
  10. Not drinking alcohol
  11. Not eating meat on Saturdays
  12. Putting a black horse’s shoe in front of your entrance.

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