About Rahu | Symptoms and Remedies for Rahu Dasha

Rahu is the 9th planet in astrology. Other planets have their physical figures but Rahu and Ketu are the ones that don’t have their physical bodies. They are both called shadow planets. Rahu doesn’t rule any zodiac sign but it’s believed that Rahu is in favor of Aquarius. Rahu is exalted in Gemini and Debilitated in Sagittarius. The direction of Rahu is South-West. The dog is the ride of Rahu. Rahu maintains a good relationship with Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. Rahu’s enemies are Sun, Moon, and Mars. Rahu is favorable to Libra, Vergo, Pisces, and Sagittarius and is cruel to Leo and Cancer.

Since Rahu doesn’t have its own physical body, Rahu is unpredicted. Rahu looks for pleasure and is a master of deception. Rahu is responsible for things that happen suddenly and unexpectedly in our lives. If Rahu is favorable, we get benefited unexpectedly. Finding money on the street, winning a lottery, suddenly getting good news is caused by Rahu and if Rahu is not in favor, we get unexpected bad news like getting hurt suddenly or meeting with an accident, a sudden loss of wealth, getting unexpected bad news.

Rahu is also responsible for foreign travel and abroad settlement. A favorable Rahu in your horoscope takes you abroad and gets you a PR. An unfavorable Rahu causes problems to make arrangements for foreign travel and results in a visa denial. People do Rahu’s remedies to please Rahu if they are having a problem with going abroad.

The Story of Rahu

When the gods and Demons teamed up to churn the ocean of milk ( समुद्रमन्थन) to obtain the Amrit ( the nectar of immortality), Demons were tricked by the lord Vishnu into holding on to the head-end of the Vashuki naag. Vashuki naag was being used as a churning rope and the heads of the naag would breathe out venomous air that would cause intoxication. The agreement between the Devas and the Demons was that they would equally divide everything they had got into two parts.

As they began the churning of the ocean, many things and celestial beings came out. Finally, they all got what they were all eagerly waiting for: the Amrit. But, by that time, all the demons that were holding the head-end of the naag were intoxicated and had lost their consciousness except for one. Lord Vishnu took the Amrit to heaven without the demons seeing it. However, the one demon who was not churning had seen everything. He went to heaven impersonating a god to drink the Amrit that was being distributed only to the devas by the Mohini avatar of Vishnu. That demon went and sat down between the Sun and the Moon. When it was the demon’s turn to drink the Amrit, the Sun and the Moon look at their sides where the demon was sitting and they both recognized that it wasn’t a god. They both told on the demon and Lord Vishnu cut the demons head off with his Sudarshan Chakra.

With the demon’s head that had already tasted the Amrit and the Amrit had not flowed down to his body, his body died but the head survived. As he couldn’t be killed, gods made his body parts planets and named the head Rahu and the body Ketu.

The Story of Grahan (Eclipses)

The word ‘Grahan’ means to eat or to accept something in Sanskrit and Nepali.

As the demon was told on by the Sun and the Moon, Rahu attacked the Sun and Ketu attacked the Moon. Rahu swallowed the Sun but, due to not having its body attached to its head, the Sun escaped from Rahu’s neck and ran away.

This incident became the curse for the Sun and the Moon. whenever there is a solar eclipse, Vedic astrology believes that the Sun is being eaten by Rahu and the end of eclipse means the Sun has escaped through Rahu’s neck.

Symptoms Of Rahu’s Dasha And Remedies


Rahu is a demon. A negative Rahu in your kundalini/ chena can give you sudden bad news or harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, use of illegal drugs, hospitalization, involves in crimes, imprisonment, loss of concentration, laziness, makes you don’t want to clean yourself and your area ( room, house,etc.). makes you angry and irritated easily, makes you wanna break stuff, gives you problems in foreign travel, snake bites, skin problems,

Rahu is a pious devotee of Lord Shiva so he carries Shiva’s trident. Rahu is afraid of Shiva’s Kaal Bhairav avatar. Worshipping Shiva and Kaal Bhairav helps with Rahu’s negative effects. You can wear gemstone Gomed to minimize the negative effects of Rahu and can turn him to your favor. But, do not wear a gemstone without consulting a Jyotish as it might provoke other malefic planets in your horoscope. Have your horoscope seen by a Jyotish before resorting to wearing gemstones.

Here are some remedies you can do to mitigate the negative effects of Rahu and reverse the effects:

  • Donate coconuts in the temple on Aaushi
  • Chant Rahu’s beej mantra
  • Worship Shiva and pour water on Shivalinga
  • Save some food from your plate and give it to the dogs after eating
  • Donate Coconuts to the Poor
  • Give food to fish
  • Consume coconuts or its water
  • Do not drink alcohol and take drugs
  • Wear a silver locket a necklace
  • Put a small silver ball in your pocket
  • Add a few drops of milk in your bucket and have a shower with it
  • Donate copper
  • Donate black cloths to the poor
  • Eat only in the kitchen
  • Do not keep stale food at home

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Who Is Rahu? What Should We Do To Deal With Its Dasha?

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