Ajakorashifal: Promising Horoscopes of Ashar, 2078

The month of Ashar is nearly here. The month and its attributes for the predicted horoscopes can help you make the month as the horoscope might indicate it to be. And it helps prevent the bad impacts with your understanding.

For this Horoscopes of Ashar, we analyze Surya, Sukra, Budha, and Mangal Planets. These planets and their positions point out the condition of the month for you according to your Rashi.

No matter what the Rashi prediction might be, you should be determined and have belief in your Karma

horoscopes of Ashar

Ajakorashifal: Horoscopes of Ashar for Each Rashi

You can benefit from it.
The first answer is to believe in yourself.
The second is your determination. And the third is your passion. And only then comes the Horoscope prediction to guide you through your way.

Mesh Rashi

“chu, che, cho, la, laa, li, loo, le, lo, a” (चु, चे, चो, ल, ला, लि, लू, ले, लो, अ )

A medium month is ahead of you.

Surya is impacting in a good way. With gain and strength over your will and position. You are going to be promoted from your current state.

Economically you are going to be strong with gain in your income.

Sukra is very strong, and will provide positive help and support from your friends. It will be a month surrounded with friendly people.

Happiness from your children

And respect and prestige. Healthy and a  very perfect month. As your intentions Are going to work itself out 

Budh is not too strong for you.

Might have an economically weak effect and blameful troubles for you from your field is to be expected.

Mangal is going to have a weak effect, might have a toll on your health. And the effect even touches with your way of handling things.

Your expected pay and income is going to face failure. The economic factor is going to keep you at a bound.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Mesh Rashi

Brish Rashi

“ba, va, u, ee, e, o, va, vee, vu, ve, vo” (बा, व, ई, ए,ओ, वा, वी, वु, वे, वो)

Same mixed month is ahead of you.

Surya is going to bring a weak impact on your voice. Your spoken thoughts and plans are going to be a crashing failure.

Stress and waste of your work is going to be a result from this effect 

Sukra is a good positioned effect for you, you will be travelling on a fun expedition. Support and help from your partner is going to be a huge support. Promotion and  prestige from your field is a sure thing for you. Economically you are going to feel very confident in yourself.

Budh is going to have a weak effect,  it might make you lose your valuable opportunity. Caution and understanding of those moments should be implemented.

Mangal is on the positive side for you. 

Pushing out the other negative impacts to the best abilities. You will be earning your hard earned money. And the relation with your close circle is going to flourish too.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Brish Rashi

Mithun Rashi

“ka, chha, gha, kaa, kee, ku, ke, ko, haa” (क, छ, घ, का, की, कु, के, को, हा)

A medium month is ahead of you.

Sukra is very good and strong for you. If you are a student then your education and your mindfulness is going to be very well off.

Business, if you are a businessman then it is going to be quite profitable.

Surya is negative, and will be the reason for your anger and stress

And even health problems are seen for you.

The bad news from somebody is going to reach for you.

Budh is impacting your outgoings. Maybe from work, but it is not going to bring in the expectations. It will just bring trouble and hard work on your side.

Mangal is very weak for you, might bring loss on your business. Be careful about the transactions, or you might meet some fraudulent loss.

Being careful and conscious about your decisions is going to be a saving factor for the month.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Mithun Rashi

Karkat Rashi

“da, ha, hee, hu, ho, daa, dee, doo ,de ,do” (द, ह, ही, हु, हो, दा, दी, दू, दे, दो)

Budh is very strong on your side, and will be bringing all the good fortunes that you wish for. Your goals are going to be met.

Your education and economic factor is bliss. Taking careful analysis always helps.

Sukra is weak that might make you slow on your progress and the loss on your value economy is going to bring some stresses.

Mangal is very hard on you, and will bring a hard case related to fire. And accidents are prone to happen. And even unexpected diseases might be on your way. 

Having careful and determined steps is going to keep you up for most days.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Karkat Rashi

Singha Rashi

 “ma, ta, maa, mee, mo, me, taa, tee, too, de” (म, त, मा, मी, मो, ता, ती, तू, दे)

This month is very grand and special for you.

Budh is very strongly placed, Your economic help from this impact is going to boost you up. And your prestige and progress is deemed to be unstoppable.

Sukra is also very strongly placed, with help from your partner you are going to be happy this month. You are going to have a grand month with the best fooding and work and living opportunities that will bring you through the time of your life.

Mangal is seen to be a bit weak for you. Trouble with your partner can be expected just a bit of a discussion can make the issue big in terms of your relationship. 

Compromising in these issues is going to bring you a preventive way of these fights.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Singha Rashi

Kanya Rashi

“pa, tha, na, to, paa, pee, poo, sha, na, tha, pe, po” (प, ठ, न, तो, पा, पी, पू, श, न, ठ, पे, पो) 

This month is observed to be very prosperous for Kanya Rashi. Respect in the respective field can be easily gained. Works related to land exchange, and materials exchange has got higher possibilities. You can be saved from getting into unnecessary trouble.  

With Budh on your side, you can get better achievements in your desired field. Your interest in religious aspects gets increased.

 Sukra seems to be on your side and Surya seems to be bringing joys and new surprises for your life.

 But besides all the good aspects, you might be a little more careful about your health. You can also get unexpected enmity with unexpected people. Be aware of that.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Kanya Rashi

Tula Rashi

“ra, ta, raa, ree, roo, re, ro, taa, tee, too, te” (र, त, रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते) 

This Asar for Tula Rashi is observed to be moderate. 

Sukra helps Tula Rashi in building up spiritual aspects, improvement in studies, and gaining profits in business. 

Meanwhile, Surya is observed to be a little   less beneficial since it’s going to create health problems for your loved ones and is going to increase misunderstandings among people around you. 

Similarly, Budh too is observed to be weak enough since it’s going to create problems in your management aspects.  

And Mangal is also found to be a little weak this time and might lead towards the problems in social relationships. So you must be careful with your words.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Tula Rashi

Brishchik Rashi

“na, ya, to, naa, nee, noo, yaa, yee, yu” (न, या, तो, ना, नी, नू, या, यी, यु) 

This month seems to be a very great phase of luck for Brishchik Rashi. 

You have a great potential to gain social respect. 

Surya might get you in a problem regarding motherhood and paternity. 

Similarly, Budh might let you catch a difficult situation but you must be prepared to fight against it. 

And Mangal might bring the problems like accidents so you must be careful with sharp tools, heights and travels. You might build up anxious behaviour too.

 But if you try to overcome it all with patience, the victory would be in your favour. 

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Brishchik Rashi

Dhanu Rashi

“bha, dha, pha, dha, ye, yo, bhaa, bhee, bhoo, dhaa, dhaa, bhe” (भ, ध, फ, ढ, ये, यो, भा, भी, भो, धा, ढा, भे)

Dhanu Rashi has got good impacts over the Budh in this Asar.

Budh might bring you prosperity, wealth and good opportunities. 

But Surya has not got the same level of benefits for you since it might lead to problems in your health. 

Mangal seems to be moderate for dhanu Rashi. It might get you in trouble like disputes and might get you fears, loneliness and scarcities of things. You must be careful with your words. 

Worshipping Lord Vishnu can help you overcome the bad aspects.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Dhanu Rashi

Makar Rashi

“kha, ja, bho, jaa, jee, khee, khoo, gaa, gee” (ख, ज, भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, गा, गी)

Makar Rashi seems to have moderate impacts In Asar. 

Surya plays a great role and can help you trace a good image and gain prosperity. 

Sukra doesn’t seem to be as great as Surya so you must skip conflicts with people. 

Similarly Mangal is observed in a very weak position since it can get you to lose your friends and can even create financial issues. It also creates problems in your health.

 But not all these circumstances are going to last forever and would end up teaching you about patience. 

In the end, your victory is going to be confirmed but remember to admire the timing.

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Baishakh 2078 for Min Rashi

Kumbha Rashi

“ga, sa, sha, sh, gu, ge, go, saa, see, soo, se, daa” (ग, स, श, ष, गु, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, दा)

Kumbha Rashi is destined to have a great phase this month. 

Though Kumbha Rashi has got weak impacts of Surya, the impacts of Mangal have been observed to be very good. 

Mangal can help you get rid of enemies and can help you establish yourself. It can help you get good health, prosperity and happiness. 

Similarly, Budh is going to bring you respect in your society and can help you gain courage along with economical gains. 

Surya might create barriers in the work life if you are engaged in civil service. Motherhood and paternity might get into trouble. You might end up hurting others feelings unknowingly.

But in the case of Sukra,you have got great possibilities. It can help you get a smooth love life, and can also help you in the growth of your business. 

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Kumbha Rashi

Min Rashi

“da, cha, jha, tha, de, doo, tha, de, do, chee” (द, छ, झ, ठ, दे, दू, था, डे, दु, छे)  

 Asar is observed to be moderate for Min rashi. 

Sukra’s impact seems to be very effective since it’s  going to bring you joy and support from your loved ones. 

Your love life is going to get better and your prosperity is also going to increase with Sukra’s role. You might also get a chance to be involved in parties and enjoy with your beloved ones. 

Meanwhile, Surya’s role might not be that appealing since it’s going to create distance between the family members and can get you into several conflicts.

Budh might also create some difficult phases for you since it’s going to get you into several conflicts. 

Similarly, Mangal is not on your side this month. This might let you get problems regarding the achievements of your offspring, loss of your income, can some disputes too. You might worship “Santan Gopal” for the betterment of your offspring. 

Ajakorashifal Youtube: Ashar 2078 for Min Rashi

Before you end Horoscopes of Ashar

Looking back at the past month, for your Rashifal of Jestha review. This can lead you to the realization of the happening on those days. Share your insights about it. And implement them for the better month of Ashar.

Horoscopes are the guides that reflect your doings and direct you through the right path. They are meant to keep you ready and on guard. You must not rely on horoscope alone as your Karma. Best to analyze and notice what is best for you according to the Astrological reading and do what suits best for you. That makes the Rashi a complete form of prediction.

You can benefit from it. The first answer is to believe in yourself. The second is your determination. And the third is your passion. And only then comes the Horoscope prediction to guide you through your way.

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