Mahamritunjaya Mantra: Meaning, Benefits, and Importance

In death and despair; When sadness and darkness arise: Let the words of Lord Shiva echo with his Mahamritunjaya Mantra!

The mantras that ancient Vedic scriptures have laid out for us really set a tone that creates a difference in the intended reader. Mantras are chants – that with vast meanings and heavy words behind them, give a certain influential essence. There are different mantras associated with us that have their own life behind them.

One of those mantras is the Mahamritunjaya mantra, the most popular and powerful of all. It is believed that Lord Shiva gave this mantra to an acharya sage who later contributed to bringing it into a written script by passing it on to other Sages. That is how it later was forever immortalized in Veda Scriptures.

Mahamritunjaya Mantra

The Mritunjaya Mantra is a powerful piece of wordings – that if correctly chanted with the perfect tone, gives a powerful aura. It can shift the person’s sorrow and troubles and clear all resistant obstacles from their life

Meaning of Mahamritunjaya Mantra

Mahamritunjaya Mantra Shiva

The mantra is a simple incantation that devotes all the soul and energy to the worship of Lord Shiva – who is the most powerful lord of destruction and life. The power of Shiva instills life and death. So the mantra in itself, speaks in the tone of Lord Shiva with the same graceful presence.

ॐ त्र्य॑म्बकं यजामहे सु॒गन्धिं॑ पुष्टि॒वर्ध॑नम् ।

उर्वारुकमिव बन्ध॑नान् मृ॒त्योर्मुक्षीय॒ मा ऽमृता॑त् ।

So, the Mritunjaya Mantra speaks to Lord Shiva in the language of Sanskrit and describes his power and features. It further describes the wish to avoid death and escape all the miseries of life that might arise for a mortal being. The mantra keeps all the troubles at bay and pushes death away. Simple and plain- It works as a shield!

The Importance of the Mantra

Mahamritunjaya Mantra Statue of Shiva

As the Mantra was originated by the creator – Lord Shiva himself, the mantra carries a very heavy use of words that can change the atmosphere and the feeling that contains power. 

The story behind its circulation is that, it was first given to Goddess Sati by Lord Shiva to save the Moon. From then, it was passed on to a sage. 

Which later on was saved in the Vedas as a mantra of power. The mantra and its use were practiced by the Wise and the brilliant who understood the power of it. And the belief behind it held strong for it’s every use.

What do the heavy energy words of chanting do for the chanter?

Mahamritunjaya Mantra Importance Statue of Shiva

The simple form of understanding the power behind the mantra is that it clears the fear of death and destruction in ones life. And within that, it creates a healing power that purifies the soul from worldly pleasures and connects you to the realm of eternal peace.

The chant of the Mritunjaya Mantra brings different power and aura to your being.

The benefits and side effects of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra:

  • It keeps death or any fear of untimely death at bay.
  • It brings completeness within a person with calmness and peace that the vibration of the mantra.
  • It heals the chanter according to the ancient sayings.
  • It clears your path from all the troubles and guides you for prosperity.
  • The vibration of the mantra works in treating patients. It has been practiced as the last resort to save a person. And the record says about improvement in the patient.
  • The chant of mantra instills confidence in the person that relieves anxiety and fear.
  • It connects to the outer realm of Supreme that frees a soul from the cycle of life and death.

Before You End This Article

Mahamritunjaya Mantra Image

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is special and heavily believed to be a powerful mantra that has done wonders and given meaning to the devotees of Lord Shiva. The expression of the belief is a personal set of views that does not affect any other being. It cannot be forced upon someone to believe without feeling it. The belief in spirituality and the supreme deity, Lord Shiva activates the power with the vibration from the chanting of the mantra.

It has been a source of power for many sages through time and has worked in making the lives better for the believers. The supreme god of the Holy Trinity and his mantra do the justice of power for you, if you believe and devote yourself to the Lord.

May Lord Shiva watch over you!

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