5 Tips on Vastu Shastra While Making Your Dream House

Vastu Shastra consists of 5 elements of energy- Planets, Air, Earth, Water, and fire. Each of them carries its own set of dynamics and is believed to create a tremendous impact on education, health, marriage, life, prosperity, and peace of mind.

All of us want our little space to be radiate with right and vibrant kind of energy. There’s a traditional belief that a well-built house creates a specific energy field to influence the people it in. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra links the owner’s happiness and health to the layouts of a building.

Tips on Vastu Shastra while making home:

Vastu for entrance 

Vastu Shastra for home entrance

The roads to the entrance should be in the northern or eastern side of the house. Roads on 3 sides of the house can create problems. The main entrance of the house is also the place of entry for energy forces. The main door of the house should either face the north, east or in the north-east direction. Doors in the southwest corners are not considered good.

If a house has a massive main door, it invites unsavory and illness. Doors should always open from inside to invite positive energy. The main door should also not be painted black. 

Vastu suggests Room Direction

Vastu suggests Room Direction

Kitchen: Ideally, your kitchen should be built in the south-east direction. Never get a house with a kitchen in the north direction.

Master bedroom: The bedroom is likely to be built in the south-west. A master bedroom in the south-east is not suggested. 

Kids room: Children’s room is likely to be in the south-west direction. Your kids should sleep with head to the south or east. 

Toilet: Vastu shastra suggests that the toilet /bathroom should be in the west or north-west of the house. 

Other room: Study room, playroom, player room, and temples should be made in the north and north-east direction. 

Shapes of room

Vastu shastra says about the shape of your rooms. Although modern circular rooms look trendy and elegant, Vastu follows strict rules that the room should be square or rectangle. 

Courtyard placement

vastu shastra
Courtyard placement

The Courtyard is the cosmic center of your house. This part should always be spotless and clutter-free. 1 to 1.5 meters circumference for the Brahmasthan is suggested. The placement of the bathroom, kitchen, or a pillar/beam near the Courtyard attracts negative energy. 

Water tank placement as Vastu

Where Should the Overhead Water Tank be Installed?

Ideally, the overhead placement of the water tank in the west or south-west direction is ideal. If it’s in the south-west direction, make sure you keep it at least two feet up the topmost slab.


That was all about Tips on Vastu Shastra while making a home.

If you are the believer of Vastu Shastra, these tips are going to change your lives for the better. Follow the correct instructions and fill your house with vibrant and positive energy. 

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