What Happens If Same Gotra Gets Married?

Since ages, we have been hearing about how people of the same Gotra cannot get married. But do you know the reason behind such statements?

As the followers of Hindu religions disseminates around the western society, keeping up with the ancient culture is getting harder. As we grow as an individual, the arguments between keeping the culture alive and doing the right things always keeps us in dilemma. One of such culture in Hindu society is getting married in the same Gotra.

same gotra

Gotra (lineage) is a concept of patrilineal classification. Gotra refers to descendants of an unbroken male line from a single male ancestor. Hindu culture strictly prohibits marriage within the same Gotra.

What is Gotra system?

As per the ancient beliefs, Gotra came into practice during the Vedic period. This trend to prohibit marriage in the same Gotra was established by Aryans to prevent marriages between blood relatives.

The Gotra is said to be the descents from 7 sages- ‘Saptarishi’. The seven Gotra are listed here.

  1. Angirasa,
  2. Atri,
  3. Gautam,
  4.  Kashyapa,
  5. Bhrigu,
  6. Vasistha, and
  7. Bharadwaja.

The science behind Gotra matching

As per scientific research, it has been proven that the marriage between blood relatives can often lead to abnormal offspring. Combinations of blood relative’s genes have higher chances to cause genetic mismatch and also hybrid DNA combinations. This also hampers the ability of humans to evolve and adapt to the changes in the environment. Marriage with an immediate cousin can give weak genes.  

To prevent the birth of such children, the Gotra system was defined in the 4th century. The sages at that era understood the consequences of marriage within close relatives and thus introduced the Gotra system as a custom.

What happens if the same Gotra gets married?

Pseudo-theoreticians strictly claim that Gotra is genes descend from one ancestor and marriages within them will trouble the offspring. But the scientific theory is only valid for immediate blood connection. There’s a fair chance that the person with the same Gotra as yours have different family origin since tens and hundreds of generations. During all generations, the genes undergo many changes as the spouses have different parents.

So, this clearly means that getting married to the same Gotra will not give a faulty blood-line. It cannot be claimed that a person from the same gotra is brothers and sisters.

Can we get married in same gotra?

Although there is a very valid scientist explanation about how the Gotra system contributed to genetic well-being and human evolution, it should not necessarily be a custom now. Getting married in the same Gotra does not mean you are getting married to your brother or sister. And it definitely doesn’t mean the offspring will be faulty. 

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